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Joseph Hartogh Cohen Khonraad, birth ONG 1777 Trebitsch, Moravia, died 10 MEI 1829 Rotterdam, Joseph Hartogh Coenraad Cohen, 42 yrs.old, son of Hartog Joseph Cohen & Esther Calman de Groot.

The familynamr is eventually changed to Cohen Coenraad.
, son of Hartogh Cohen and N.N.
Event: event additional child daughter Maatje Coenraad is born on 9 Apr 1815 in Middelburg.

Married 5 MEI 1813 Middelburg, Joseph Cohen Khonraad, 35 yrs.old, from Trebitsch, Moravia, son of Cohen Khonraad Herchman & Sara Joseph, and
Esther Calman Meyer, born on 6 Apr 1789 in Middelburg, daughter of Calman Herschman & Claartje Eliazer.
Esther Calman Meyer, birth 6 Apr 1789 Middelburg, daughter of Calman Meyer de Groot and Klaartje Eliazer Deits
1) Hartog Joseph Cohen Khonraad, birth 1820 Middelburg, died 2 MEI 1908 Rotterdam, Hartog Cohen Khonraad, born in Middelburg, 87 yrs.old, son of Joseph Cohen Khonraad & Esther Calman de Groot, widower of Hester Hoorenman.
Event: event children born in Rotterdam hildren born to the couple Hartog Cohen Khonraad & Hester Hoorenman:
n 27/5/1853 - Joseph Hartog Khonraad
on 17/2/1855 - Levie Hartog Khonraad; marries on 21/8/1889 in Amsterdam to Kaatje Huisman, 28
yrs.old, from Rotterdam, daughter of Wolf Levie Huisman & sara Terveen
on 9/4/1857 - Henriette Cohen Khonraad; dies in Apeldoorn on 13/12/1926, 69 yrs.old.
on 27/10/1859 - Esher Khonraad.

Married 30 Jun 1852 Rotterdam, Hartog Cohen Khonraad, 32 yrs.old, from Middelburg, son of Joseph Cohen Khonraad & Ester Calman de Groot, and
Hester Hoorenman, 32 yrs.old, from Rotterdam, daughter of Levie Abraham Hoorenman & Henrietta Carpelis.
(Digitale Stamboom Rotterdam)
Hester Levie Hoorenman, birth ONG 1820 Rotterdam, daughter of Levie Abraham Hoorenman and Henriette Joseph Carpeles
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