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Calman Meyer de Groot
Married ONG 1789 to:
Klaartje Eliazer Deits, birth ONG 1765, died 30 Jan 1828 Middelburg, Klaartje Eliazer, 62 yrs.old, (ritual) bath official, widow of Calman Meyer de Groot.
1) Esther Calman Meyer, birth 6 Apr 1789 Middelburg
Married 5 MEI 1813 Middelburg, Joseph Cohen Khonraad, 35 yrs.old, from Trebitsch, Moravia, son of Cohen Khonraad Herchman & Sara Joseph, and
Esther Calman Meyer, born on 6 Apr 1789 in Middelburg, daughter of Calman Herschman & Claartje Eliazer.
Joseph Hartogh Cohen Khonraad, birth ONG 1777 Trebitsch, Moravia, died 10 MEI 1829 Rotterdam, Joseph Hartogh Coenraad Cohen, 42 yrs.old, son of Hartog Joseph Cohen & Esther Calman de Groot.

The familynamr is eventually changed to Cohen Coenraad.
, son of Hartogh Cohen and N.N.
Event: event additional child daughter Maatje Coenraad is born on 9 Apr 1815 in Middelburg.
2) Meyer Kalman de Groot, birth 25 Feb 1790 Middelburg, died 28 OKT 1855 Middelburg, Meyer Calman de Groot, from Middelburg, 65 yrs.old, cantor, was married to Rachel Nathan Spier.
Event: event children rom 1st spouse:
laartje de Groot, born Middelburg, abt 1816, marries in Middelburg on 16 Mar 1849, 32 yrs.old. to Victor Susan, 30 yrs.old, tradesman, son of Wolf Salomon Susan, tradesman & Sara Benjamin Ernst.

from 2nd spouse:
Joachim de Groot, born Middelburg, abt 1820, dies Rotterdam, on 19 Apr 1913, 91 yrs.old, marries in Middelburg on 28 Nov 1845, 25 yrs.old, schoolteacher to Saartje Samehtini, from Middelburg, 23 yrs.old, daughter of Maju Lion Samehtini & Feijtj e Emanuel
- Eliazer Meyer de Groot, born Middelburg abt Nov 1822, dies Middelburg, on 30 May 1824, 18 months old.
Salomon de Groot, born Middelburg, abt 1826, died Rotterdam 5 Sep 1891, 65 yrs.old, marries in Midelburg on 2 Nov 1853, 27 yrs.old, a chemist, to Roosje Barendse, from Middelburg, 29 yrs.old, daughter of Bernardus Jacob Barendse, musician (musi c master) & Saartje Spier [1st cousin marr.]
- Eliazer de Groot, born Middelburg, abt 1827, dies Rotterdam on 18 Feb 1871, 44 yrs.old, spouse of Roosje de Groot, marries Rotterdam, on 4 Nov 1863, 35 yrs.old to Roosje de Groot, from Amsterdam, 35 yrs.old, daughter of Manus de Groot & Alida Ja cob Brando.
- Dina de Groot, born Middelburg, on 28 Dec 1829, dies Rotterdam, on 22 Mar 1916, 86 yrs.old, widow of Leendert Marcus Drukker, marries on 27 Jun .1860 in Rotterdam, 30 yrs.old, to Leendert Marcus Drukker, from Amsterdam, 39 yrs.old, son of Marcu s Nathan Drukker & Saartje Leenders Leon.
- Carolina Meyer de Groot, born Middelburg, abt Apr 1833, dies Middelburg, on 25 Oct 1835, 2.5 yrs.old
- Roosje de Groot, born Middelburg, abt 1835, died Middelburg, on 25 Apr 1837, 2 yrs.old
- Machiel de Groot, born Middelburg, abt 1837, dies Middelburg, on 20 Jun 1850, 13 yrs.old.

Married 22 Dec 1814 Middelburg, Meyer Kalmon de Groot, born on 25 Feb 1790 in Middelburg, 24 yrs.old, jewish cutter [=? circumciser], son of Calmon de Groot & Clara Eleazer, and
Bela Abraham Zachrias, born on 27 Feb 1789 in Middelburh, daughter of Abraham Zachrias & Ester Marcus Boas.
Bella Abraham Zacharias, birth 27 Feb 1789 Middelburg, died 8 MEI 1816 Middelburg, Bella Abraham Zacharias, 27 yrs.old, was married to Meyer Calman de Groot, 26 yrs.old, tradesman, daughter of Abraham Zacharias Klein and Esther Marcus Boasson
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