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Isaac Jacobs Oostra, birth ONG 1772 Leeuwarden, died 17 MRT 1838 Medemblik, Isaac Jacobs Oostra, 65 yrs.old, from Leeuwarden, son of Jacob Isaacs Oostra, spouse of Rachel Mozes du Mosch.
Married ONG 1800 Hoorn? to:
Rachel Mozes du Mosch, birth ONG 1768 Hoorn, died 26 Jul 1855 Medemblik, Rachel Mozes du Mosch, born in Hoorn, 87 yrs.old, widow of Isaac Jacobs Oostra., daughter of Mozes Abraham du Mosch and Mietje Gabriels
1) Hartog Isaacs Oostra, birth ONG 1800 Medemblik, died 15 Nov 1849 Medemblik, Hartog Isaacs Oostra, 49 yrs.old, son of Isaac Jacobs Oostra & Rachel Mozes du Mosch, spouse of Betje Isaac Nias.
Married 8 Nov 1829 Medemblik, Hartog Isaacs Oostra, from Medemblik, son of Isaac Jacobs Oostra & Rachel du Mosch, and
Elisabeth Nias, from Medemblik, daughter of Isaac Mozes Nias & Sara Hartog v.Essen.
Elisabeth Nias, birth Medemblik, daughter of Isaac Mozes Nias and Sara Serchi Hartog v.Essen
2) Jacob Isaac Oostra, birth ONG 1806 Medemblik
Married 9 Nov 1856 Medemblik, Jacob Isaac Oostra, from Medemblik, 50 yrs.old, tailor, son of Isaac Jacobs Oostra & Rachel du Mosch, and
Judikje Barnstein, from Hoorn, 40 yrs.old, daughter of Heijman Barnstein, beadle of the Jewish Community & Sara Mindelson.
Judikje Judith Hijman Chaim Barnstein, birth ONG 1816 Hoorn, died 8 Nov 1898 Medemblik, Jewish cemetery of Medemblik:
Judith bat Moshe Chaim Barnstein, widow of Jacob Isaac Oostra.
, daughter of Hijman Chaim Israel Barnstein and Sara Emanuel Man Mendelson
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