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Mozes Abraham du Mosch, died 1777/8 Hoorn, the first tomb at the Jewish cemetery of Hoorn:
in the year 537
the first [person] was moved for burial here
Moshe ben Abraham

He will swallow up death forever
and Almighty God will wipe off a tear from every face
and the insult of his people shall he take away from all of the earth
Jesaya 25, 8

Hij zal de [gebeurtenis van] de dood voor altijd verslinden
en de Eeuwige God zal een traan vegen van ieder gezicht
en de schande van zijn volk zal hij verwijderen van het hele land
Jesaya 25, 8

Married ONG 1764 to:
Mietje Gabriels, birth 1746 Amsterdam, died 7 Apr 1814 Hoorn, Mietje Gabriels, , born in Amsterdam, 67 yrs.old, widow of Moses Abraham, who died also in this town, daughter of Gabriel & Belitje Jacobs.
Notifiers: Abraham du Mos, 45 yrs.old, tradesman, son and Elias Landing, 59 yrs.old, tradesman, son-in-law.
1) Magtel Mozes du Mosch, birth ONG 1764, died 13 Jun 1817 Hoorn, Magtel Mozes du Mosch, 52 yrs.old, daughter of Mozes Abraham du Mosch & Mietje Gabriels, spouse of Elias Landing.
Married ONG 1780 to:
Elias Landing, birth ONG 1755 Amsterdam, died 12 Jan 1843 Hoorn, Elias Landan, 87 yrs.old, born in Amsterdam, widower of Magteltje Mozes, son of Jacob Landan & Saartje Mozes.
Notifiers: Mozes v.Embden, son-in-law, 68 yrs.old, rural vendor, and Elias v.Embeden, grandson, 27 yrs, rural vendor.
2) David Mozes Du Mosch, birth 1766 Hoorn, died 1806 Hoorn
Married 29 Sep 1787 Amsterdam_Hoorn, dtb 756/405; witn.groom: sister Machteld Mozes; witn.bride: f.Joseph Reens. to:
Rachel Joseph v.Rees Renz, birth 1763 Amsterdam, died 1840 Hoorn, daughter of Joseph Levie v.Rees Renz and Judith Gittele Hartog Hirts Dikker
3) Rachel Mozes du Mosch, birth ONG 1768 Hoorn, died 26 Jul 1855 Medemblik, Rachel Mozes du Mosch, born in Hoorn, 87 yrs.old, widow of Isaac Jacobs Oostra.
Married ONG 1800 Hoorn? to:
Isaac Jacobs Oostra, birth ONG 1772 Leeuwarden, died 17 MRT 1838 Medemblik, Isaac Jacobs Oostra, 65 yrs.old, from Leeuwarden, son of Jacob Isaacs Oostra, spouse of Rachel Mozes du Mosch.
4) Abraham Mozes du Mosch, birth ONG 1769 Twisk, died 29 Apr 1828 Hoorn, Abraham Mozes du Mosch, born in Twisk, 68 yrs.old, son of Mozes Abraham du Mosch & Mietje Gabriels, spouse of Saartje v.Essen.
Married ONG 1796 to:
Saartje Nathans v.Essen, birth 1768 Dalfsen, died 20 Jan 1833 Hoorn, Saartje Nathans v.Essen, from Dalfsen, 64 yrs.old, spouse of Abraham Mozes du Mosch., daughter of Nathan Hartog van Essen and Susanna Rachel David
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