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Mozes Levie-Riche to:
1) Philip Peis Mozes Levie-Riche, birth 1732 Riesauw, died 31 MEI 1794 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Peis ben Moshe Levie-Reische.
Married 1757 Amsterdam, dtb 735/364; witn.groom: f.Mozes Levie; witn.bride: f.Salomon Jacob.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5517/82 on 14 Aw 5517;
groom: Peis ben mhor"r Moshe [Levie?];
bride: Debora, accompanied by father Zelig ben Jacob, who donates fl. 100,- to the dowry.
Debora Salomon Zelig Fischman, birth 1733 Amsterdam, died 4 MRT 1796 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: wife of Philip Mozes, son-in-law of Zelig Melech., daughter of Salomon Zelig Jacob Jekli Chairibben and Sara Leendert Leizer Blits
2) Tobias Tuvia Mozes Polak levie-Riche, birth 1739 Amsterdam?
Event: event between 1766 and 1773 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery:
on 30 Nissan 5526 - stillborn child of Tobias ben mhor"r Mozes
on 15 Tammuz 5530 - " " " " Levie
on 4 Shevat 5532 - " " " " " "
on 21 Tammuz 5533 - " " " " " " .
Poorlist 1809 Amsterdam: on the list under nr. 13.29: Tob.Moses Polack = Tuvia b"r Moshe Riche, 70 yrs.old, widower.

Married 1764 Amsterdam, dtb 740/325; witn.groom: f.Mozes Levie; witn.bride: f.Isaac Mozes.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5524/113 on 4 Tammuz 5524;
groom: Tuvia ben mohr"r Moshe halevi;
bride: Rechla, accompanied by father Isaac ben Moshe, who donates fl. 300,- to the dowry;
brother groom: Peis;
mother bride: Teipche bat Joseph.

Event (family) got engaged Sep 1763 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5524/1 on 4 Tishre 5524;
groom: Tuvia Segal, accompanied by brother khr"r Peis ben k"h Moshe Segal;
bride: Rechla, accompanied by father naaleh Itsak ben Moshe, who will donate fl. 300,- to the dowry; committed for groom: his escort;
committed for bride: rosh katsin k"h Leib ben late pu k"h Eli' Norden z.l.
Rachel Rechla Isaac Itsak, birth 1739 Amsterdam, daughter of Isaac Mozes Boel and Duifje Taub Joseph Kleidersocher
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