Amsterdam family name adoptions - Family names starting with Q    (5 persons)

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Nr.New nameSourcevlDateFirst namePatronymNew family nameAddressAgeSonDaughterGrandsonGranddaughterWidowChild ofFatherLast name
9196Adopt a new name131vC 2- 3-1812SalomonMozesQuintlange Houtstraat0 0000
3203Adopt a new name21vA 6-12-1811FransciscoJochemQuizinZwanenburgerstraat 3726 year(s)0000JacobJochemQuizin
3200Adopt a new name21vA 6-12-1811JacobJochemQuizinZwanenburgerstraat 370 1200
3201Adopt a new name21vA 6-12-1811JosephJochemQuizinZwanenburgerstraat 3738 year(s)0000JacobJochemQuizin
3202Adopt a new name21vA 6-12-1811MarianoJochemQuizinZwanenburgerstraat 3728 year(s)0000JacobJochemQuizin