Sephardi marriages (TIM)
Brides and Grooms - First name starting with C  (58 persons)

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Caatje, Quiros married to Ephraim Cassuto in 1809
Caatje, Siprut married to David Berg v.d. in 1751
Camilia, Costa da married to Francisco Costa da Medina in 1641
Catharina, Baruch Bueno married to Zacharias Baruch in 1810
Catharina, Leeuw de married to Elias Leeuw de in 1656
Catharina, Lopes married to Raphael Duarte in 1659
Catharina, Mendes married to Raphael Cardozo Namias in 1607
Catharina, Mendes married to Thomas Fernandes in 1606
Catharina, Mendes married to Raphael Cardozo Namias in 1607
Catharina, Mendes married to Thomas Fernandes in 1606
Catharina, Rois Espinosa l' married to Joao Rois Portalegre in 1617
Catharina, Santos de married to Francisco Baeza de in 1672
Catharina, Vaz married to David Lemnos de in 1650
Catharina, Vaz married to Samuel Semach in 1653
Cecilia, Rodriguez married to Emanuel Doria in 1648
Centele Gr, Provencal married to Israel Rosie in 1735
Clara, Abrabanel married to Joseph Cohen Lara de in 1673
Clara, Abraham married to Jacob Rodriguez Franco in 1778
Clara, Blaauw married to David Machorro in 1751
Clara, Cathan a married to Salomon Abensur in 1744
Clara, Cordua married to Mozes Pereira Castro de in 1737
Clara, Garcia married to Abraham Henriquez Fuente dela in 1801
Clara, Gomes married to Antonio Costa da Cortissos in 1648
Clara, Hallas married to Juda Touro in 1717
Clara, Hartog married to Isaac Coronel in 1779
Clara, Henriquez married to Jacob Zacharias Baruch in 1780
Clara, Lopes married to Martin Alphonse in 1631
Clara, Marquez married to David Baruch Bueno in 1695
Clara, Mendes Cunha da married to Abraham Henriquez in 1780
Clara, Montezinos married to Mordechai Hallas in 1671
Clara, Musaphia married to Simon Avila in 1709
Clara, Musaphia married to David Salom in 1702
Clara, Musaphia married to Isaac Sarfaty in 1753
Clara, Namias Torres married to Isaac Cordova de in 1763
Clara, Nunes Henriquez married to Mozes Alvares Bueno in 1717
Clara, Oheb Brandon married to Abraham Robles in 1762
Clara, Palache married to Salomon Mendoza in 1752
Clara, Pimentel married to Abraham Pimentel in 1664
Clara, Pinto de married to David Pinto de in 1722
Clara, Pinto de married to Isaac Pinto de in 1772
Clara, Polusse married to Mozes Cohen in 1722
Clara, Salom married to David Musaphia in 1649
Clara, Salom married to Isaac Pereira in 1764
Clara, Salomon married to Joseph Sarfaty in 1797
Clara, Sotto del married to Mordechai Tama in 1775
Clara, Sotto del married to Abraham Lumbrozo in 1678
Clara, Spinossa married to David Vaz in 1771
Clara, Tovar married to Samuel Valensin in 1753
Clara, Tovar de married to Salomon Bassan in 1794
Clara, Valenca de married to Simon Meatob in 1728
Clara, Vels married to Joseph Costa da in 1752
Claudina, Boeuf le married to Joseph Costa da Athias in 1808
Colomba, Carpi married to Mozes Giron in 1694
Colomba, Haim married to David Cohen Rodriguez in 1675
Constantia, Duarte married to Emanuel Levie in 1660
Constantia, Salvador married to David Henriquez Souza de in 1736
Constantia, Sotto del married to David Mendes in 1773
Cornelia, Smook married to David Marco Vita in 1808