Sephardi marriages (TIM)
Brides and Grooms - Last name starting with X  (23 persons)

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Ximenes Belmonte, Emanuel married to Ester Pinto de in 1714
Ximenes Belmonte, Francisco married to Sara Levie Ximenes Belm in 1679
Ximenes Belmonte, Lea married to David Pinto de in 1714
Ximenes Cardozo, David married to Judith Rocha da in 1685
Ximenes Cardozo, David married to Ribca Aboab in 1677
Ximenes Cardozo, Jacob married to Sara Gabay Henriquez in 1672
Ximenes Cardozo, Judith married to Abraham Henriquez Juliao in 1692
Ximenes Cardozo, Mozes married to Abigael Levie in 1725
Ximenes Costa da, Gonsalo married to Gracia Franco in 1631
Ximenes Medina, Abigael married to Zadok Cohen Belinfante in 1791
Ximenes Medina, Samuel married to Judith Machuca in 1732
Ximenes, Abigael married to Isaac Rocha da in 1703
Ximenes, Ester married to Abraham Granada in 1704
Ximenes, Gracia married to Mozes Curiel in 1699
Ximenes, Isaac married to Sara Fonseca in 1788
Ximenes, Judith married to Aron Israel Nunes in 1695
Ximenes, Philip married to Agneet Sanchez in 1635
Ximenes, Ribca married to Salomon Balabrega in 1735
Ximenes, Ribca married to David Pinto de in 1772
Ximenes, Samuel married to Rebecca Curiel Costa da in 1753
Ximenes, Samuel married to Rachel Mendes Silva da in 1694
Ximenes, Samuel married to Rachel Pinto de in 1741
Ximenes, Sara married to Abraham Penso in 1689