Sephardi marriages (TIM)
Brides and Grooms - Last name starting with E  (69 persons)

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Edrehi, Mozes married to Sara Aboab Fonseca da in 1804
Edrehi, Mozes married to Ester Alvares Costa da in 1810
Eenebracht, Anthonia married to Samuel Cohen Caminha in 1796
Eliaser, Marianne married to Levie Hartog in 1707
Eliaser, Sara married to Jacob Vieyra in 1774
Ellegot Osorio, Jacob married to Abigael Mendes Coutinho in 1754
Ellegot, David married to Rachel Brandon in 1698
Ellegot, Emanuel married to Anna Israel in 1665
Emanuel, Debora married to Raphael Israel in 1722
Emanuel, Judith married to Samuel Nunes Mercado in 1650
Emanuel, Rachel married to Salomon Talano in 1725
Ephrati, Aron married to Ester Meldola in 1778
Ephrati, Lea married to Abraham Bassan in 1747
Ereira de, Sara married to David Senior Coronel in 1654
Ereira, Abraham married to Ribca Nunes in 1764
Ereira, Ester married to Isaac Franco Drago in 1773
Ereira, Isaac married to Rachel Azulay in 1754
Ereira, Isaac married to Sara Manuel in 1767
Ereira, Isaac married to Ester Azulay in 1765
Ereira, Jacob married to Rachel Rodriguez in 1786
Ereira, Jacob married to Lea Abenatar in 1801
Ereira, Judith married to Mozes Paz Torres in 1763
Ereira, Rachel married to Abraham Teixeira in 1742
Ereira, Sara married to Eliaser Sacutto in 1774
Ereira, Sara married to Elias Rodriguez in 1749
Ergas Henriquez, Abraham married to Rachel Guttieres in 1693
Ergas Henriquez, Aron married to Rachel Aboab Cardozo in 1717
Ergas Henriquez, Isaac married to Judith Leeuw de in 1707
Ergas Henriquez, Jacob married to Sara Ergas Henriquez in 1656
Ergas Henriquez, Rachel married to Isaac Belmonte in 1678
Ergas Henriquez, Rachel married to Mozes Alvares in 1673
Ergas Henriquez, Sara married to Jacob Ergas Henriquez in 1656
Ergas Henriquez, Sara married to Mozes Henriquez Coutinho in 1691
Ergas Henriquez, Sara married to Balthasar Cunha da in 1656
Ergas Medina de, Ester married to Daniel Marquez Medina de in 1740
Ergas, Ester married to Isaac Ergas in 1643
Ergas, Isaac married to Ester Ergas in 1643
Ergas, Jacob married to Debora Cabica in 1664
Ergas, Jacob married to Sara Ergas in 1677
Ergas, Rachel married to Mordechai Crasto de in 1650
Ergas, Ribca married to Benjamin Campos de in 1684
Ergas, Sara married to Jacob Ergas in 1677
Ergas, Sara married to Samuel Gomes Coutinho in 1661
Ergas, Simcha married to Abraham Telles in 1650
Ergas, Violante married to Abraham Belmonte in 1662
Escapa Torres, David married to Rachel Namias Crasto de in 1711
Escapa, Abraham married to Simcha Belmonte in 1684
Escapa, Ester married to Emanuel Torres in 1680
Escapa, Ester married to Emanuel Torres in 1680
Escapa, Rachel married to Abraham Lopes Paz de in 1648
Escapa, Ribca married to Isaac Pretto in 1641
Escapa, Salomon married to Rachel Macabeo in 1652
Escapa, Sara married to Jacob Levie Ximenes in 1659
Espinosa Cattella, David married to Sara Leeuw de in 1698
Espinosa d, Ester married to Michiel Espinosa in 1641
Espinosa, Abraham married to Sara Nahar in 1784
Espinosa, Abraham married to Ester Brandon in 1803
Espinosa, Anna married to Jacob Buzaglo in 1802
Espinosa, Daniel married to Rachel Mendes Chumaceiro in 1763
Espinosa, Isaac married to Sara Israel Athias in 1788
Espinosa, Isaac married to Judith Valvenede in 1637
Espinosa, Isaac married to Sara Ribeiro Furtado in 1805
Espinosa, Isaac married to Lea Alepron in 1737
Espinosa, Jacob married to Rebecca Espinosa in 1751
Espinosa, Michiel married to Ester Espinosa d in 1641
Espinosa, Rebecca married to Jacob Espinosa in 1751
Esterza, Sara married to Josua Faro in 1796
Esteves, Samuel married to Sara Sanchez in 1701
Esteves, Samuel married to Sara Bueno Moira de in 1708