Sephardi marriages (TIM)
Brides and Grooms - First name starting with N  (28 persons)

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Naatje, Baruch married to Emanuel Lobo in 1808
Naatje, Jacob married to Isaac Silva in 1810
Naatje, Mendes Monteiro married to Israel Vieyra in 1809
Nannette, Fanno married to David Pinedo in 1804
Nannette, Mondolpho married to Jacob Lopes Leao de in 1805
Naphtali, Asser married to Judith Rodriguez Soria de in 1672
Naphtali, Asser married to Roosje Gomes in 1684
Nathan, Cohen married to Rachel Morales de in 1706
Nathan, Curiel married to Sara Curiel in 1685
Nathan, Curiel married to Ribca Franco Mendes in 1734
Nathan, Dias Brandon married to Rachel Balabrega in 1776
Nathan, Foa married to Lea Rodriguez Costa da in 1758
Nathan, Foa married to Gracia Ailyon in 1708
Nathan, Foa married to Abigael Curiel in 1761
Nathan, Foa married to Miriam Sarfaty in 1717
Nathan, Lazarus married to Judith Rodriguez Brandon in 1688
Nathan, Levie married to Rachel Trevino in 1693
Nathan, Rodriguez Carion married to Ester Abendana in 1703
Nathan, Sarfaty married to Anna Touro in 1778
Nathan, Sarfaty married to Ribca Belmonte in 1695
Neel, Jans married to Emanuel Gomes in 1604
Neel, Jans married to Emanuel Gomes in 1604
Nehemia, Zavy married to Sara Lopes Garcia in 1781
Nicolas, Almanca d' married to Marianne Delmonte in 1673
Nissim, Pais married to Rachel Isaac in 1810
Noach, Bassan married to Goedje Benjamin Wolf in 1732
Nuno, Costa da married to Ester Telles Costa da in 1702
Nuno, Soares married to Lea Abiatar in 1651