Sephardi marriages (TIM)
Brides and Grooms - First name starting with V  (16 persons)

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Violante, Abaz married to Jacob Curiel in 1680
Violante, Abaz married to Salomon Curiel in 1678
Violante, Abendana married to Antonio Fernandes Telles in 1628
Violante, Abendana Osorio married to Mozes Curiel in 1744
Violante, Cardozo Nunes married to Eliaser Meza de in 1763
Violante, Curiel married to Mordechai Franco Mendes in 1727
Violante, Curiel married to Salomon Curiel in 1725
Violante, Curiel married to Aron Pinto de in 1734
Violante, Curiel married to David Curiel in 1728
Violante, Ergas married to Abraham Belmonte in 1662
Violante, Henriquez married to Simon Rodriguez Gomes in 1623
Violante, Monteiro married to Isaac Juda Rodriguez in 1769
Violante, Silva da married to Mozes Mendes in 1801
Violante, Vaz married to Juan Lopes in 1616
Vogeltje, Mozes Polak married to Abraham Crasto de in 1760
Vrouwtje, Joseph married to Jacob Penamacor in 1787