Sephardi marriages (TIM)
Brides and Grooms - First name starting with P  (30 persons)

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Paloma, Minhada de married to Joseph Cohen a in 1702
Paula, Brandao married to Antonio Fernandes Homem in 1604
Pedro, Gomes married to Ester Cosina in 1623
Pedro, Homem married to Elvira Sanchez in 1624
Pedro, Homem Emanuel married to Elvira Sanchez in 1624
Perle, Cohen married to Jacob Israel Santcroos in 1780
Perle, Cohen married to Isaac Pinto in 1763
Perle, Memram married to Marten Lealtar in 1784
Perle, Obediente married to Mozes Vaz in 1692
Perle, Obediente married to Isaac Menasse in 1701
Perle, Piza married to Joseph Vintura in 1757
Petrus, Bernal Azevedo d' married to Maria Daeij in 1688
Philip, Alvares married to Ribca Vaz in 1651
Philip, Henriquez married to Ester Pimentel in 1616
Philip, Henriquez married to Ester Pimentel in 1617
Philip, Orta d' Henriquez married to Rachel Orta d' in 1615
Philip, Ximenes married to Agneet Sanchez in 1635
Philippa, Paz de married to Antonio Azevedo d' in 1644
Philippa, Pimentel married to Emanuel Mendes Castro in 1612
Pinchas, Abrabanel married to Gracia Abrabanel in 1668
Pinchas, Abrabanel married to Abigael Abendana in 1659
Pinchas, Abrabanel married to Lea Jessurun Lopes in 1682
Pinchas, Bella dela married to Reina Cohen in 1725
Pinchas, Bella dela married to Rica Rodriguez in 1786
Pinchas, Flores married to Judith Torres in 1717
Pinchas, Levie Flores married to Rachel Gomes Dias in 1740
Pinchas, Rodriguez Arias married to Luna Carcassa in 1700
Pinchas, Romanel married to Lea Israel in 1781
Pleuntje, Wolters married to Daniel Caminha in 1805
Prudencia, Pimentel married to Simon Vaz Silva in 1617