Sephardi marriages (TIM)
Brides and Grooms - Last name starting with Z  (25 persons)

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Zacharias Baruch, Daniel married to Rachel Levie Montes in 1797
Zacharias Baruch, Jacob married to Clara Henriquez in 1780
Zacharias Baruch, Jacob married to Anna Marcovitta in 1808
Zacharias Baruch, Mozes married to Ester Alvares in 1797
Zadok, Rachel married to Raphael Nunes Carvalho in 1794
Zamora de, Jacob married to Rachel Nabarro in 1658
Zamora de, Simcha married to Salomon Gabay in 1706
Zamora, Sara married to Mozes Alvares in 1730
Zavy, Jacob married to Reina Barzilay in 1799
Zavy, Nehemia married to Sara Lopes Garcia in 1781
Zee v.d., Samuel married to Eva Palache in 1702
Zehebie, Salomon married to Ester Rodriguez Moron in 1732
Zuniga, Abraham married to Ribca Porto de in 1732
Zuniga, Ida married to Joseph Passevik in 1758
Zuzarte, Abraham married to Rachel Abenatar in 1717
Zuzarte, Abraham married to Sara Hallas in 1708
Zuzarte, Abraham married to Rachel Abenhacar in 1722
Zuzarte, David married to Ester Fernandes Paz de in 1712
Zuzarte, Judith married to Joseph Piza in 1802
Zuzarte, Judith married to Jacob Baruch Carvalho in 1750
Zuzarte, Rachel married to Josua Sarfaty in 1808
Zuzarte, Sara married to David Abenatar in 1717
Zuzarte, Sara married to Jacob Namias Crasto de in 1692
Zuzarte, Sara married to Abraham Rodriguez Pereira in 1709
Zwart, Rebecca married to Eliseu Pereira in 1703