Ashkenazi Amsterdam in the Eighteenth Century

This tentative list of the Ashkenazi Jewish inhabitants of Amsterdam in the eighteenth century was prepared by Moshe Mossel in Jerusalem and includes presumed family relationships. It shows about 95 percent of the total community and is still being compiled.

The information is based on rabbinical documents of engagements, marriages, and other such events in the Jewish community from 1723 to 1812; Jewish Marriage in Amsterdam (records of civil marriages of the Amsterdam Jews), compiled by Dave Verdooner and Harmen Snel; a list of those buried in the Muiderberg cemetery, compiled by Harmen Snel and Jits van Straten; a list of those buried in the Zeeburg cemetery, compiled by Jits van Straten; the list of family names that were officially registered in 1811; and List of Alimentated Jews in 1809, published by Moshe Mossel.
Posterior events also rely on the civil marriage and death registrations after 1811 of the city of Amsterdam.

All information on individuals is filed exactly as found and therefore it is considered highly reliable; however, not all of the relationships have been verified.