About the Northern Database (Core)

The core database of Dini Hansma

Current coordinator: Alex van Oss

The goal of the Northern Data Base is explained in the introductory of the the “classical” Northern Data Base.

Contents of this core database
Dini Hansma (Utah, U.S.), a genealogical consultant and researcher, documented during many years, (and still continues to do so) as a volunteer on behalf of Akevoth the birth, marriage, and death certificates, town by town, in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, and Overijssel, from the microfilms of the Dutch civil records (Burgerlijke Stand) and other sources.
This database, in contrast to the classical Northern Data Base, is based exclusively on the LDS records so assembled, without any additions or amendments from other sources.
The total number of individuals is therefore much smaller in comparison with the classical database; on the other hand, as it is completely based on professionally conducted documentary research, its reliability is of much higher standard.

The need for this separate database
During the years it appeared, that the reliability of part of the sources of the additions to the core data (as compiled by Dini Hansma at the LDS Center), creating together what is now defined as the “classical” Northern Data Base, was often inferior and subject to many corrections and remodifications.
Technically it is impossible to separate and eliminate those records from the Database.
Therefore the need was felt to add this “core” database of Dini Hansma, as a separate unit, to the Dutch Jewish Genealogical Data Base.

The NDB classical Database
The use of this database is subject to our recommendation to compare any research results with this core version.
For records, which are not parts of the core database, the disclaimer in its introductory is in force.