About the Northern Database

(Classical version)

Past editor and coordinator:Eli Schaap
Current editor:Alex van Oss

The goal of this project, started many years ago, is to reconstruct, as thoroughly as possible, the Jewish population in the northeastern part of the Netherlands. We hope this information will help descendants to recover their family history. In addition, this database will function as a tool for experts of the history, sociology, and demography of the Dutch Jewish community.

Many volunteers participated in the research of this project. Dini Hansma (Utah, U.S.), as main reseacher, documented (and still continues to do so) the actual birth, marriage, and death certificates, town by town, in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, and Overijssel. She works from the microfilms of the Dutch civil records (Burgerlijke Stand) and other sources. Past editor Eli Schaap gathered data from various sources to augment and supplement Hansma's data. His sources were Jewish archival data, and genealogies published on the Internet, appearing in books, or submitted to him by other genealogists. Chaim Caran (Eilat, Israel), one of the initiators of this project, checked and corrected the data on Friesland. Other contributers were Nicky Huisman (the Netherlands) and Gerrit Kornalijnslijper (the Netherlands) and many visitors who contributed updates of records concerning their relatives.

During the years it appeared, that the reliability of part of the sources of the additions to the core data, (the latter compiled by Dini Hansma ) , was often in doubt and subject to many corrections and remodifications. These cases were and are still corrected to the best of our ability.
Technically it is impossible to separate and eliminate those records from the Database.
Therefore the need was felt to add the “core” database of Dini Hansma, as a separate unit, completely based on professionally conducted documentary research, to the Dutch Jewish Genealogical Data Base.
It is recommended to compare any research results in this classical version with the core database. Records, which are not part of the core database, are subject to above disclaimer.