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Mozes Hartog Italianer Italiaander, birth 1782 Amsterdam, son of Hartog Hirts Arend Aron Italianer Italiaander Krukziener Kutschiner and Bele Basie Eliaser
Poorlist 1809 Amsterdam: on the list under nr. 27.15: M.Hartog Italiaander = Moshe ben Hirsch[?] Italiaander, 27 yrs.old,
married[?], porter..
Event: was naturalized 3 Feb 1812 Amsterdam assumption of name Italiaander; then living at Jode Houttuinen, with 1son, Hartog, 1 yr.old.
Event: event FROM 27 Sep 1815 TO 25 Jan 1832 Amsterdam death of children: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 27 Sep 1815 - Elias Mozes Cruksien, 8 months old, son of Mozes Hartog Cruksien, 45 yrs.old & Vrouwtje Juda Frankfort.
on 25 Jan 1832 - Meyer Mozes Cutzien, 11 yrs.old, son of Mozes Hartog Cutzien, 55 yrs.old & Vrouwtje Juda Frankfort.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Married 1810 Amsterdam, dtb 659/283; parents groom: Hartog Aron & Basie Eliaser; parents bride: Juda Frankfort & Sara Meyer, deceased. to:
Vrouwtje Frumet Juda Frankfort, birth ONG 1785 Amsterdam, daughter of Juda Isaac Itsak Frankfort and Sara Meyer Chazzan
1) Hartog Hirsch Mozes Italianer Italiaander, birth 1 OKT 1810 Amsterdam, 'Cirumcisions & Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 1 Oct 1810 - birth of Hirsch ben Moshe Kutschin; child's mother: Frumet bat Juda F"F.
on 8 Oct 1810 - circumcision of Hirsch ben Moshe at Uilenburg.

Married 5 Sep 1839 's-Hertogenbosch, Hartog Kutschien, 29 yrs,old, born in Amsterdam on 1 Oct 1810, son of Mozes Kutschien & Vrouwtje Juda Frankfort, and
Klara Polak, 24 yrs.old, born in Groningen on 4 Nov 1814, daughter of Israel Salomon Polak & Saartje Joseph, residing in Rotterdam.
Klara Polak, birth 4 Nov 1814 Groningen
2) Juda Mozes Krukziener, birth 16 Dec 1812 Amsterdam, died 6 MEI 1892 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: Juda Mozes Krukziener, 79 yrs.old, married man, at Bloedstr. 12.
Event: was counted in a census 1851 Amsterdam at population census of 1851 living at Zwanenburgerstr, married, diamond polisher, with children
Sara, b. 10 Oct 1839,
Meyer, b. 23 Aug 1841,
Vrouwtje. 21 Jan 1843 [buried at Zeeburg cemetery on 20 Mar 1892, 50 yrs.old, single, at Bloedstr.20] and
Hanaatje, b. 20 Jun 1846 [buried at Muiderberg cemetery on 3 Apr 1904 as wife of Drukker].

Married 19 Apr 1838 Beverwijk, Juda Mozes Krukziener, 25 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, son of Mozes Hartog Krukziener & Vrouwtje Juda Frankvoort, and
Saartje Davidson, 34 yrs.old, from Beverwijk, daughter of Mijer Davidson & Annaatje Hamburger.
Sara Zische Marcus Meyer Davidson-Cohen, birth 30 Dec 1810 Beverwijk, died 27 Aug 1855 Amsterdam, uiderberg cemetery:
Sara/Zische bat Meyer Davidson/Kats, wife of Juda Moses Krukziener/Kutschin', 45 yrs.old, died of 'borstwaterzucht', at Zwanenburgerstr. 204.
, daughter of Marcus Meyer Abraham Davidson-Cohen and Anna Jonas Hamburger
3) Betje Batya Mozes Cutzien, birth ONG 1820 Amsterdam
Married 17 Jun 1842 Oldenzaal, Isak Cohen, 32 yrs.old, from Oldenzaal, son of Abraham Isak Cohen & Martha Hartog, and
Betje Mozes Cutzien, 22 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, daughter of Mozes Hartog Cutzien & Vrouwtje Juda Frankfort.
Isaac Abraham Cohen, birth ONG 1810 Oldenzaal
Event: event 1929 Borculo a son of this couple, Mozes Isaac Cohen, born on 29 Nov 1844 in Oldenzaal, dies in Borculo on 1 Feb 1929, and is buried at the jewish cemetery there.
4) Aron Mozes Cutzien, birth ONG 1822 Amsterdam to:
Klaartje Benjamin de Gorter, birth ONG 1821 Amsterdam, died 26 Jan 1857 Oldenzaal, Klaartje Benjamin de Gorter, 35 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, spouse of Aron Mozes Cutzien., daughter of Benjamin Bendit Joseph Jessel de Gorter-Cohen and Jansje Jent Joseph Jozale Wertheim
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