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Hijman Chaim Simon-Fischel, died Sep 1738 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 21 Tishre 5499 - Hijman Visser.
Event: event 1711 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery:
on 5 Aw 5471 - child
on 8 Elul 5471 - child of Chaim ben Fischel.
Event: event between Dec 1723 and Dec 1724 Amsterdam In the tnaim rishonim on 29 Kislev 5484 naaleh Chaim bar Simon Fischel z.l. is committed for groom Juda Jadle bar Nathan z.l, who engages to be married to the bride Hindele bat Jokeb Verdoner z.l, accompanied by mother the widow Gittele bat Mosh e z.l; committed for bride: [brother] Moshe bar Jokeb.
[civil marriage in dtb 715/7]

In the tnaim rishonim on 10 Kislev 5485 naaleh Chaim bar Fischel is committed for the groom Mordechai bar Elyakim Getschlig Kats from kille kodesh Metz, who engages to be married to Serche bat Simon m.h.l, accompanied y naaleh Jacob bar Isaac Wall ig m.h.l; committed for bride: Judaleib bar Moshe m.h.l.
[no marriage seems to follow on these tnaim; the bride marries perhaps in dtb 716/108]

Married ONG 1710 to:
Wife of Chaim, died Feb 1742 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 7 Shevat 5502 - wife of Hijman Visser.
1) Simon-Fischel Hijman Chaim, birth ONG 1715
Event: event 1734 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim on 1 Teveth 5493 groom: Simon Fischel bar Chaim m.h.l; [the groom's father] naaleh Chaim bar Simon Fischel will pay the expenses of an apartment for the couple during the fisrt year after the marriage; committed for groom: Juda Jadl e bar Samuel Segal z.l; prospective bride: Sara, accompanied by father Israel Jacob bar Samuel z.l. Minzburg; committed for bride: [uncle] naaleh Joseph bar Moshe halevi z.l.
[no marriage follows on those tnaim; the bride marries eventually in dtb 724/176]
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