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Marcus Meyer Jacob Jokeb Rudelsum, died 1771 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 2 Ijar 5531 - the old Meyer ben Jokeb Rudelsum.
Event: event 1717 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery: on 20 Tammuz 5477 - child of Meyer Rudelsum.

Married ONG 1713 to:
Jannetje Jent Meyer Cohen, died 1759 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 14 Ijar 5519 - wife of Meyer Jacob Rudelsum., daughter of Meyer Cohen and N.N.
1) Judith Marcus Rudelsum, birth 1713 Amsterdam, died 15 MEI 1785 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 6 Sivan 5545 - wife of Levie Abraham Grewel.
Married 1741 Amsterdam, dtb 725/428; witn.groom: m.Aaltje Isaac; witn.bride: f.Marcus Jacob. to:
Levie Abraham Grewel, birth 1715 Amsterdam, died 24 MRT 1782 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 9 Nissan 5542 - Levie Abraham Grewel., son of Abraham Isaac Grewel and Aaltje Edil Isaac
2) Judith Marcus Rudelsum, birth 1714 Amsterdam, died 1775 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 7 Cheshvan 5536 - wife of Leib ben mohr"r Mendele Pila.
Married 1737 Amsterdam, dtb 722/397; witn.groom: brother Boas Emanuel; witn.bride: f.Marcus Jacob. to:
Levie Leib Emanuel Mendele Piller, birth 1711 Vlotho, son of Emanuel Mendele Joseph and Ester Boas
Event: event 1772 death of son Zeeburg cemetery: on 7 Adar I 5532 - unmarried son of Levie Emanuel Piller.
3) Jacob Marcus Meyer Rudelsum Boleman, birth 1722 Amsterdam, died 1762 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 2 Nissan 5522 - Jacob Meyer Boleman Rudelsum.
Event: event 1759 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery: on 7 Cheshvan 5520 - child of Jacob Meyer Rudelsum.

Married 1746 Amsterdam, dtb 728/421; witn.groom: f.Marcus Jacob; witn.bride: f.Jacob Meyer. to:
Roosje Jacob, birth 1723 Amsterdam, died 1780 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 22 Sivan 5540 - widow of Jacob Meyer Rudelsum.
4) Lea Marcus Meyer Bolian Boleshaker, birth 1723 Amsterdam
Married 1749 Amsterdam, dtb 730/89; witn.groom: m.Clara Marcus; witn.bride: f.Marcus Jacob. to:
Jacob Isaac Fuchs Schneider, birth 1725 Amsterdam, son of Isaac Jacob Fuchs and Clara Keile Marcus Meyer
5) Sara Sjeine Marcus Meyer Rudelsum, birth 1724 Amsterdam, died Jul 1772 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 21 Tammuz 5532 - wife of Jacob Mozes Koekoek.
Married 1750 Amsterdam, dtb 731/203; witn.groom: m.Judith Jacob; witn.bride: f.Marcus Jacob.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5511/29 on 9 Teveth 5511;
groom: Jacob ben Moshe halevi z.l;
bride: Sjeine, accompanied by father Meyer ben Jacob z.l;
mother bride: Jente bat Meyer hakohen z.l.
Jacob Mozes Koekoek-Levie, birth 1726 Amsterdam, died 31 Jul 1794 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: Jacob Mozes Levie-Koekoek., son of Mozes Samuel Koekoek-Levie and Judith Jacob Cohen
6) Kaatje Fraadche Marcus Meyer Rudelsum, birth 1726 Amsterdam, died 23 Apr 1792 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: widow of Barend Jacob Cohen.
Married 1748 Amsterdam, dtb 729/372; witn.groom: m.Sara Isaac; witn.bride: f.Marcus Jacob. to:
Barend Berman Jacob Jokeb Cohen-Monnikedam, birth 1724 Amsterdam, died 1773 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: Barend Jacob Cohen., son of Jacob Barend Berman Cohen and Sara Isaac Eizik Roizer
Event: event between 1763 and 1765 death of children Zeeburg cemetery: on 28 Teveth 5523 and on 16 Nissan 5525 - burial of sons of Barend Jacob Monnikedam.
Event: event Apr 1766 committed person in t.r. in Amsterdam In tnaim rishonim act 5526/87 Berman ben k"h Jokeb Cohen-Minkeldam is committed for bride Mirjam, accompanied by father Leib ben Nathan z.l, who engages to be married to Abraham, accompanied by father Leib ben Abraham Grewel z.l; committed for gro om: Abraham ben k"h Koppel Segal.
the civil marriage is in dtb 749/479.
7) Clara Gelle Meyer Rudelsum, birth 1728 Amsterdam, died Dec 1782 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 25 Kislev 5543 - wife of Isaac Samuel Firda.
Married 1753 Amsterdam, dtb 733/164; witn.groom: m.Leentje Hartog; witn.bride: f.Meyer Jacob.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5514/91 on 26 Menachem-Aw 5514;
groom: Zekli ben Zanwil;
bride: Gelle, accompanied by father Meyer ben Jokeb Rudelsum, who donates fl. 200,- to the dowry; mother bride: Jent bat Meyer hakohen.
Isaac Zekli Samuel Zanwil Fird, birth 1731 Neurenberg, died 21 OKT 1798 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: Isaac Samuel Firda.
8) Ester Marcus Meyer Rudelsum, birth 1730 Amsterdam, died 26 Jul 1786 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: wife of Mozes David Moiz, son-in-law of Meyer Rudelsheim.
Married 1758 Amsterdam, dtb 736/66; witn.groom: m.Bele Marcus; witn.bride: f.Marcus Jacob.
Event (family) got engaged Aug 1756 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5516/88 on 11 Elul 5516;
groom: Mordechai ben hr"r Joseph z.l;
bride: Ester, accompanied by father Meyer ben Jokeb Rudelsum, who will donate fl. 100,- to the dowry; committed for groom: [stepf.?] Ruben ben Leib Keel;
committed for bride: [br.-in-law?] khr"r Leib ben mhor"r Menachem Mendele z.l. [Pila?]
Marcus Mordechai Joseph, birth 1733 Amsterdam, died 23 MEI 1759 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 26 Ijar 5519 - Mordechai ben Joseph., son of Joseph and Bele Marcus Mordechai Pregerin
Event: event MEI 1754 Amsterdam Previous Tnaim Rishonim:
Tnaim rishonim in act 5514/59 on 20 Ijar 5514; groom: Mordechai ben khr"r Joseph z.l; committed for groom: [stepf.?] Ruben ben R' Leib Keulen; prospective bride: Chaya, accompanied by father Benjamin ben Jacob halevi z.l; committed for bride: Gump richt ben khr"r Abraham z.l.
[the bride marries in dtb 735/445 - t.r. act 5517/49]
9) Marianne Mirjam Meyer Bollian, birth 1731 Amsterdam
Married 1753 Amsterdam, dtb 733/140; witn.groom: f.Jacob Abraham Levie; witn.bride: f.Meyer Jacob.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5514/41 on 21 Shevat 5514; groom: Abraham ben hr"r Jacob Koppel halevi; bride: Mirjam, accompanied by father Meyer ben Jacob, who donates fl. 100,- to the dowry;
mother bride: Jent bat Meyer Cohen.
Abraham Jacob Koppel Botnem-Levie, birth 1726 Amsterdam, died 3 Aug 1789 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Abraham ben Koppel Botnem [?]., son of Jacob Koppel Abraham Botnem-Levie and N.N.
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