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Isaac Itsak Alexander Ziskind Kijser Bachrach, birth 1693 Amsterdam, died 7 MRT 1750 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 1 Adar II 5510 - Itsak ben Ziskind., son of Alexander Ziskind Samuel Kijser Keizer and Anna Hendele Levie Judaleib Gosler
Event: event 1734 committed person in t.r. in Amsterdam In the tnaim rishonim on 8 Ijar 5494 aluf katsin khr"r Itsak ben late pum khr"r Alexander Ziskind Kijser z.l. is committed for the groom bachelor naaleh Arie-Judaleib ben meromam naaleh Samuel Zanwil m.h.l.Goschler from Hamburg, amply authorise d by his father, who engages to be married to the bride Jochebed, accompanied by father aluf naaleh Moshe Mozus ben holy Judaleib, may G"d take revenge for his blood, from Haag; and they will make up a contract before a public notary here in Amste rdam and before the marriage; committed for bride: aluf khr"r Michael bar Netanel Bachoer z.l.
[marriage in dtb 720/475 - tnaim acharonim on 28 Cheshvan 5495]
Event: event MRT 1735 matchmaker for his daughter in Amsterdam on 21 Adar 5495 appears before the trustees of the jewish community katsin khr"r Itsak ben pum khr"r Alexander Ziskind Kijser z.l. concerning an act of empowerment and authorisation with his signature, sent by him to katsin pum khr"r Jokeb Kats m. h.l, which he wrote onTuesday, Rosh Chodesh Adar, intended to be in that person's possession until Sunday, 5 Adar, and after that, he wrote that this empowerment will keep its value until Sunday, 12 Adar; and in this act some points were conclude d ['Punkten verendet'] concerning the match of his [the addressee's] brother the important bachelor khr"r Hirsch Kats with the sender's daughter Malka, stating that katsin khr"r Jokeb Kats will be the sender's caretaker and committed person ; and this act was not found to be according to expected rules by the trustees of that community; therefore mr. Kijser comes today before the trustees of this community in order to strengthen the act of empowerment and authorisation in hands of ka tsin khr"r Jokeb Kats aforementioned, so that it will have validity as all acts of empowerment used among Israel.
(According to the Reminiscenses of David Ezechiel Cohen the groom is Herz Salomon Cohen from Hannover, a reknown banker.
The eight children of Isaac Alexander Keijser are mentioned in the Jewisch Chronicle; most of these familymembers moved to London, were financiers, and kept good contact with the family members in Holland]
N.N. Abraham Liebman, died 1732 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 14 Tishre 5493 - wife of Itsak Kijser, daughter of chiefrabbi Abraham., daughter of Abraham Liebman Berlin and Judith Gitche Israel
1) Leon Leib Isaac Itsak Kijser, birth 1717 Amsterdam, died 13 Aug 1756 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 17 Aw 5516 - Leib ben Itsak Kezer; member of chevra kedosha Gemiluth Chasadim.
Event: event Aug 1757 transfer of seat in synagogue of Amsterdam On 7 Aw 5517 appears before the trustees of the jewish community in Amsterdam aluf katsin torani khr"r Jokeb ben late khr"r Judaleib z.l. empowered by a 'qualification', he obtained from 'de edele achtbare heren commissarissen v/d desolate boedels kamer' [executives of citybody ruling on property left by deceased persons] on Jun 22th 1757,and he now transports one seat belonging to the estate of the late khr"r Leib ben late pum khr"r Itsak Kijser z.l. to his widow mrs. Sara bat late khr" r Ber Kats-Kampen z.l.

Married 1748 Amsterdam, dtb 729/435; witn.groom: f.Isaac Alexander Kijser; witn.bride: f.Barend Salomon. to:
Sara Barend Salomons Cohen-Kampen, birth 1725 Amsterdam, daughter of Barend Ber Elieser Salomons Cohen-Kampen and Judith Gittele David Kampen
2) Alexander Ziskind Isaac Itsak Kijser
Married ONG 1751, on 3 Ijar 5511 some acts relating to this marriage are made up before the rabbinate of Amsterdam.
The groom: Moshe Alexander Ziskind ben pum hr"r Itsak Kijser z.l;
the bride: Mirjam bat hr"r Yissachar Ber Kats Kampe;
father bride: Yissachar Ber ben Elieser Leizer z.l. Kats Kampe;
committed for the future signing of a chalitsa-act by the small brothers of the groom: groom's brother [and bride's sister's husband] katsin hr"r Judaleib ben pum hr"r Itsak Kijser z.l;
additional brothers groom: Abraham & Leizer <13.
The chuppa seems to take place elsewhere, probably in London.
Mirjam Barend Yissachar-Ber Salomons cohen-Kampen, daughter of Barend Ber Elieser Salomons Cohen-Kampen and Judith Gittele David Kampen

Family page
Isaac Itsak Alexander Ziskind Kijser Bachrach
Married 1733 Amsterdam, dtb 720/38; witn.groom: [br.-in-law?] Jacob Samson Herts; witn.bride: m.Grietje Isaac.
Tnaim acharonim on 11 Aw 5493;
groom: [widower!] aluf katsin khr"r Itsak ben late pum khr"r Alexander Ziskind z.l. Bachrach;
bride: Mirjam bat late gaon AB"D [aw beth-din] mhor"r Abraham z.l.[Berlin/Liebman; former chiefrabbi of Amsterdam; before that chiefrabbi at Halberstadt], accompanied by mother gevira rabbanith Gitche bat late mhor"r Israel z.l; and conditions [ho w to handle in case one of the partners] dies, as made up between them before a public notary;
brothers groom: aluf katsin khr"r Elieser Leizer Bachrach, naaleh Judaleib Bachrach & naaleh Menachem Manes Bachrach.
Marianne Mirjam Abraham Liebman, birth 1710 Halberstadt, died 1756 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 1 Cheshvan 5517 - Mirjam, widow of ItsakKijser;
fisches Frank: Mirjam bat gaon Abraham AB"D [chief of rabbinical court] of our community, wife of katsin pum Itsak Kezer.
, daughter of Abraham Liebman Berlin and Judith Gitche Israel
1) Rachel Isaac Kijser, birth 1735 Amsterdam, died 16 Aug 1791 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Rachel, widow of pum khr"r Hirts Jaffe.
Married 25 Sep 1761 Amsterdam, dtb 738/279; witn.groom: f.Emanuel Aron; witn.bride: cousin Simon Barend.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5522/16 on 14 Marcheshvan 5522;
groom: Ber, accompanied by father aluf katsin Mendele ben Aron Rofe z.l;
bride: Rachel bat deceased pum khr"r Jacob Isaac z.l;
a marriage contract is made up before notary Geniets;
brothers groom: aluf katsin Leib & groom to be Moshe.
Barend Ber(man) Emanuel Mendele Rofe, birth 1733 Amsterdam, died 30 Dec 1774 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 27 Teveth 5535 - Ber ben Mendele Rofe.
Left as son, Isaac and a daughter Marjana/Mindele, 9 months old at the time of his demise.
(Reminiscenses of David Ezevhiel Cohen, courtesy of Tjeerd v.Albada)
, son of Emanuel Mendele Aron Rofe and Francina Mozes
Event: event between 1767 and 1773 death of children Zeeburg cemetery:
on 16 Kislev 5528 - child of Barend Emanuel Rofe
on 22 Shevat 5533 - " " " " .
Event: event occupation & standing in Amsterdam according to the familyreminiscenses of David Ezechiel Cohen, Barend, the son of Emanuel Aron/Mendele Rofe lived at Jodenbreestr. and had a wholesale business in linen and woollen cloth together with his brothers Levij and Moses. In the Who is Wh o of that period (Amsterdamsche Naamwijzer) he is mentioned as one of the influential businessmen of Amsterdam.
(info courtesy mr. Tjeerd v.Albada)
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