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Levie de Leeuw, birth ONG 1750, died 15 Jan 1814 Woerden, Levie de Leeuw, 63 yrs.old, spouse of Heintje Broekhuijzen.

Event: event 4 Jan 1814 Woerden premature death of child:
Hartog de Leeuw, 5 yrs.old, son of Levie de Leeuw & Heintje Broekhuizen.

Married ONG 1792 to:
Heintje Hindele Philip Peis Broekhuizen-Levie, birth Feb 1769 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
in Adar I 5529 - birth of Hindele bat Peis Segal, son-in-law of Liepman Zerendorf.
, died 11 Feb 1842 Woerden, Heintje Broekhuisen, 74 yrs.old, daughter of Philippus Broekhuisen & Beligje Abrahams[?], widow of Levie de Leeuw.
, daughter of Philip Chaim-Feibush Mozes Broekhuizen-Levie and Bele Blim Levie Liepman Zerendorf
1) Schoontje de Leeuw, birth ONG 1792 Woerden, died 14 Jul 1838 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

choontje Levie de Leeuw, 60[?, = 46] yrs.old, born in Uithoorn[?], widow of Simon Joseph Spier, daughter of Levie de Leeuw & Heintje Buchhuijzen[= Broekhuizen]
info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Married 24 Jan 1833 Leiden, Simon Joseph Spier, 26 yrs.old, from Leeuwarden, son of Joseph Simon Spier & Jeltje Marcus. and
Schoontje de Leeuw, 40 yrs.old, from Uithoorn, daughter of Levie de Leeuw & Heintje Broekhuijzen.
Simon Joseph Spier, birth ONG 1806 Leeuwarden, son of Joseph Simon Zimle Spier Shapiro and Jeltje Marcus de Vries Levij
2) Isaac Levie Levij, birth ONG 1792 Amsterdam
Married 11 Nov 1829 Woerden, Isaac Levie Levij, born abt 1792 in Amsterdam, son of Levie de Leeuw & Heintje Broekhuijsen, and
Sara Swaab, 28 yrs.old, from Woerden, daughter of Mozes Heijman Swaab & Beletje Abrahams.
(from Genlias by courtesy of mr. D. Kleeman)
Sara Swaab, birth ONG 1801 Woerden
3) Philip Levie de Leeuw, birth ONG 1794 Woerden
Married 27 Jul 1821 Woerden, Philip de Leeuw, 27 yrs.old, from Woerden, and
Aaltje v.Wijnbergen, 20 yrs.old, from Bodegraven.
parents groom: Levie de Leeuw & Heintje Broekhuizen
parents bride: Salomon Andries v.Wijnbergen & Judith Samuel v.Creveld.
Aaltje v.Wijnbergen, birth ONG 1801 Bodegraven, died 13 Apr 1862 Woerden, Aaltje v.Wijnbergen, 61 yrs.old, spouse of Philippus de Leeuw, daughter of Salomon Andries v.Wijnbergen & Judith v.Creveld., daughter of Salomon Andries v.Wijnbergen and Judith Samuel v.Creveld
4) Mozes de Leeuw, birth 1798 Woerden
Married 1 Nov 1833 Noordwijk, Moses de Leeuw, born in Woerden, 35 yrs.old, tradesman, son of Levie de Leeuw, deceased in Woerden on 15 Jan 1814 & Heintje Broekhuizen, residing in Woerden, attending the wedding and consenting, and
Betje de Leeuw, from Noordwijk-Binnen, 30 yrs.old, daughter of Aron de Leeuw, deceased in Noordwijk on 5 Jun 1832 & Eva v.Embden., residing in Noordwijk, attending & consrnting.
Witnesses: Hartog de Leeuw, 41 yrs, bride's brother, Isaac v.Ijssel, 70 yrs, both tradesmen,and Daniel Levij Rijnveld, 51 yrs.old and Salomon v.Kleef, 26 yrs.old, both slaughterers.
Elisabeth de Leeuw, birth 1803 Noordwijk-Binnen, died 17 MRT 1866 Noordwijk, Elisabeth de Leeuw, born in Noordwijk-Binnen, avast 62 yrs.old, daughter of Aron de Leeuw & Eva v.Embden, spouse of Mozes de Leeuw., daughter of Aaron de Leeuw and Eva v.Embden
Event: event 21 Aug 1837 birth of son in Noordwijk Aaron de Leeuw, son of Mozes de Leeuiw & Elisabeth de Leeuw.
5) Eva de Leeuw, birth ONG 1800 Woerden, died 18 Dec 1829 Haarlem, Haarlem, death registrations:
Eva de Leeuw, 29 yrs.old, widow[?, = spouse] of Benedictus Joseph Chits.

Married 29 OKT 1823 Woerden, Benedictus Joseph Chits, born in 1793 in Amsterdam, son of Joseph Hijman Chits & Hanna Isaac Israel, and
Eva de Leeuw, 23 yrs.old, from Woerden, daughter of Levi de Leeuw & Heintje Broekhuizen.
(from Genlias by courtesy of mr. D.Kleeman)
Benedictus Pinchas Joseph Juzpe Chits, birth 28 OKT 1793 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 22 Cheshvan 5554 - birth of Pinchas ben Juzpe Leeuwarden
on 29 Cheshvan 5554 - circumcision of Pinchas, my [mohel Joseph Hijman Israels] son; sandak: I myself with Golde.
, son of Joseph Juzpe Adam Hijman Moshe-Chaim Chits Israels and Anna Channa Isaac Aron Israel Leeuwarden
Event: event FROM 12 Jan 1829 TO 22 Dec 1831 Haarlem premature death of children:
on 12 Jan 1829 - Louis Chits, born on 17 Oct 1825, son of Benedictus Chits & Eva de Leeuw
on 22 Dec 1831 - Mozes Chits, 1 day old, son of Benedictus Joseph Chits & Mietje v.Leeuwen.
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