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Isaac Marcus Gazan, birth ONG 1751 Leiden, died 31 Dec 1832 Maassluis, Isaac Markus Gazan, 81 yrs.old, son of Markus Levie Gazan & Rebecca Salomons, spouse of Betje Simons., son of Markus Levie and Rebecca Rivka Salomons Zalman
Married ONG OKT 1784 Maassluis, proclamations in Maassluis of intended marriage of Isaac Markus, bachelor, born in Leyden and Debora Simons, maiden, born in Germany both residing in Maassluis on 10, 17 & 24 Oct 1784. to:
Debora Simon, birth ONG 1762, died 25 Jul 1802 Maassluis, Salomon Jacobs notifies of the corpse of Debora Simons, spouse of Izak Marcus, 40 yrs.old.
1) Marcus Isaac Gazan, birth ONG 1786 Maassluis
Married 1 Nov 1816 Middelharnis, Marcus Isaac Gazan, from Maassluis, 30 yrs.old, son of Izaac Marcus Gazan & Debora Simons, and
Kaatje Hartog Sprengers, from Rotterdam, 31 yrs.old, daughter of Hartog Joseph Sprengers & Antje Levij.
Kaatje Hartog Sprengers, birth ONG 1785 Rotterdam, daughter of Hartog Hirsch Joseph Sprengers and Antje Emanuel Levij
2) Joseph Isaac Itsak Gazan, birth ONG 1789 Maassluis, died 13 Sep 1855 Amsterdam, Joseph Isaac Gazan, slaughterer, 63 yrs.old, born in Maassluis, widower of Anna Levij.
Event: event FROM 13 Jan 1819 TO 2 Jan 1840 death of children death of children: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 13 Jan 1819 - Schoontje Gasan, 6 weeks old, daughter of Joseph Isaac Gasan, 29 yrs.old & Anna Levie.
on 12 May 1823 - Philip Joseph Gazan, 1 yr.old, son of Joseph Isaac Gazan, 33 yrs.old & Hanna Levie.
on 16 Sep 1827 - Jacob Joseph Gazan, 1.5 yrs.old, son of Joseph Isac Gazan & Naatje Levie.
Notifier: Mozes Isaac Fortuijn, 30 yrs.old, cousin.
on 2 Jan 1840 - Markus Joseph Gazan, 27 yrs.old, son of Joseph Isak Gazan & Ester[?] Levie.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
Event: event 28 OKT 1842 death of son burial of son in 1842:
'Salomon/Shalom Joseph Gazan, son of Joseph Isaac/Itsak'

death of son: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 28 Oct 1842 - Salomon Joseph Gazan, 22 yrs.old, son of Joseph Isaac Gazan & Hanna Levie.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Married 15 Dec 1811 Roosendaal, announcements of marriage of Isac Joseph and Anna Levij in Roosendaal on 17 & 24 Nov 1811:
between Joseph Isac, 22 yrs.old, born in Maassluis, bachelor, butcher in Roosendaal and living there, son of Isac Marcus, teacher of the bJewish community of Maassluis & Debora Simon, his spouse, deceased, and
Anna Levij, 23 yrs.old, housemaid, born in Reuzel, residing in Roosendaal, daughter of Lep Levij & Anne Jacobs, deceased.
(act is in French)
Hanna Levij, died 28 Aug 1832 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Hanna Levie, spouse of Joseph Isaac Gazan.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
3) Rebecca Gazan, birth 7 Dec 1795 Maassluis
Married 30 MRT 1829 Middelharnis, Philippus Bouwman, born on 2 Dec 1801 in Middelharnis, son of Israel Raphael Bouwman & Sara Filip Bouwman, and
Rebecca Gazan, born in Maassluis on 7 Dec 1795, 33 yrs.old, daughter of Isaac Marcus Gazan & Debora Simons.
Philippus Bouwman, birth 2 Dec 1801 Middelharnis
4) Simon Isaac Gazan, birth ONG 1797 Maassluis, died 7 OKT 1887 Rotterdam, Simon Isaac Gazan from Maassluis, 89 yrs.old, son of Isaac Gazan,, widower of Debora Cohen[?, = son of Debora Simons, widower of Antje Cohen]
Event: event between 1823 and 1838 children - Betje Gazan, born 3 Feb 1823, marries on 1 Jul 1846 in Breda to Moses Polak
- Rozette Gazan, born 10 Aug 1825, marrieson 10 Aug 1851 in Goedereede to Nathan Bouwman
- Saartje Gazan, born 3 Apr 1828; died Brielle on 6 Feb 1875, 46 yrs.old
- Keetje Gazan, born 25 Feb 1831, marries on 29 Apr 1868 in Rotterdam to Levij Cohen.
- Isaak Cohen, born 26 Dec 1833, marries on 7 May 1862 in Rotterdam to Jansje Roos.
- Salomon Gazan, born 18 Dec 1838, died Brielle 12 Nov 1931, 92 yrs.old, was married to Hanna Cohen.

Married 29 MEI 1822 Brielle, Simon Isaac Gazan, 25 yrs.old, drom Maassluis, son of Isaac Markus Gazan & Debora Simons, and
Johanna Cohen, 22 yrs.old, from Brielle, daughter of Salomon Hartog Cohen & Eva Salomons.
Johanna Antje Salomon Cohen, birth ONG 1799 Brielle, died 7 MEI 1879 Brielle, Antje Salomon Cohen, 79 yrs.old, daughter of Salomon Hartog Cohen & Eva Salomon Hartog, spouse Simon Isaac Gazan.
5) Abraham Isaac Gazan, birth 15 Jun 1799 Maassluis, died 23 Apr 1878 Rotterdam, Abraham Izaak Gazan, 78 yrs.old, born in Maassluis, son of Izaak Marcus Gazan & Debora Simons, spouse of Theodora Stibbe, previously widower of Mietje Beer Engersch, afterward of Magdalena Abraham Engersch, afterward of Alexandrina Stibbe.
Married 16 MRT 1826 Middelharnis, Abraham Isaac Gazan, born 15 Jun 1799 in Maassluis, son of Izak Marcus Gazan & Debora Simons, and
Mietje Beer Engersch, born 1806 in Amsterdam, daughter of Beer Abraham Engersch & Betje Nathan Goedeinde.
Mietje Beer Engersch, birth ONG 1806 Amsterdam, daughter of Barend Ber Abraham Engersch and Betje Pes Nathan Goedeinde Braatbaard
6) Antonie Isaac Gazan, birth 16 Nov 1801 Maassluis
Married 13 OKT 1835 Brielle, Antonie Isaac Gazan, born in Maassluis on 16 Nov 1801, son of Isaac Marcus Gazan & Debora Simons, and
Bedje de Leef, born in Brielle on 2 Feb 1816, daughter of Philip Mozes de Leef & Roosje Salomon.
Bedje de Leef, birth 2 Feb 1816 Brielle

Family page
Isaac Marcus Gazan
Married 15 Sep 1802 Maassluis, Izak Markus, widower of Debora Simons, born in Leijden, and
Belijtje Salomons, maiden, born in Germany, both residing in Maassluis.
Bele Salomons, birth Germany
1) Grietje Gazan, birth ONG 1805 Maassluis
Married 12 Jan 1853 Weesp, Benjamin Hijman de Wolf, from Weesp, 47 yrs.old, tradesman, son of Salomon de Wolf & Vrouwtje Levie, widower of Matje Rib, and
Grietje Gazan, from Maassluis, 47 yrs.old, daughter of Isaac Marcus Gazan & Belie Simons.
Benjamin Hijman de Wolf, birth 1805 Weesp
2) Roose Gazan, birth ONG 1809 Maassluis
Married 29 Jan 1840 The Hague, Salomon de Beer, 28 yrs.old, sergeant with the Grenadeers company, from The Hague, son of Barend de Beer, tradesman & Rebecca Aron v.Praag, and
Roose Gazan, 30 yrs.old, housemaid, born in Maasluis, living in Amsterdam, daughter of Isaac Marcus Gazan, deceased & Belie Simons in Maassluis.
Witnesses: Barend Mol, 30 yrs, Lion Mol, 34 yrs. and Abraham Mol, 30 yrs, tradesmen and cousins of the groom, and Abraham de Wilde, 24 yrs.old, cabinet worker
Salomon de Beer, birth ONG 1811 The Hague, son of Barend Salomon de Beer and Rebecca Aron v.Praag
3) Debora Gazan, birth 24 MEI 1811 Maassluis
Married 29 Apr 1829 Maassluis, Marcus Meijers, from Maassluis, 35 yrs.old, son of [Meyer] Samuel Meijers & Sara Markus, and
Debora Gazan, born in Maassluis on 24 May 1811, 17 yrs.old, daughter of Isaac Marcus Gazan & Belie Simons.
the groom was circumcised in Rotterdam on 1 Oct 1793.
Marcus Meijers, birth 24 Sep 1793 Maassluis, circumcised in Rotterdam on 1 Oct 1793., son of Meyer Samuel Meijerse-Levi and Sara Marcus
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