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Samuel Netanel David Wijl, birth 22 Dec 1778 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 3 Teveth 5539 - birth of Netanel ben David [?]
, died 14 Nov 1854 Frederiksoord (Vledder), Samuel David Wijl, a colonist.
son of David Wijl, spouse of Rachel Glasslijper - born in Amsterdam on 20 Dec 1782 [?]
(courtesy of mr. David Kleeman)
, son of David Samuel Netanel Wijl and Vrouwtje Frumet Jesaya Cohen-Presser
Married 9 Aug 1812 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Samuel David Lion, a.k.a. Samuel David Wijl, 32 yrs.old, son of David Samuel Wijl & Femmetje Isaac[?] Spier [mother's family name], and
Rachel Moses, a.k.a. Rachel Moses Glasslijper, 23 yrs.old, daughter of Moses Eliaser Glasslijper & Aaltje Zacharias.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Rachel Mozes Glasslijper, birth ONG 1783 Amsterdam, died 12 Jan 1874 Kloosterveen (Smilde), Rachel Mozes Glasslijper, born in 1779 in Amsterdam, parents unknown, widow of Nethaniel David Wijl.
(info from Drenthe-dB, by courtesy of mr. David Kleeman)
, daughter of Mozes Moshe-Leib Eliaser Leizer Glasslijper-Levie and Anna Jent Zacharias Yissachar Ogtrop-Levie
1) Euphemia Samuel Wijl, birth ONG 1813 Amsterdam
Married 14 Dec 1848 Smilde, Euphemia Samuel Wijl, 35 yrs.old, daughter of Samuel David Wijl & Rachel Mozes Glasslijper, and
Markus Bloemendal, 22 yrs.old, son of Jozef Levij Bloemendal & Leentje Levij.
Markus Bloemendal, birth ONG 1826 Smilde, son of Jozef Levij Bloemendal and Leentje Levij
2) Lea Samuel Wijl, birth MEI 1816 Amsterdam, died 22 Jul 1847 Smilde, Lea Samuel Wijl, born on 7 May 1816 in Amsterdam, businesswoman, daughter of Samuel David Wijl & Rachel Moses Glasslijper, wife of Mozes Bloemendaal.
(info from Drenthe-dB, by courtesy of mr. David Kleeman)

Married 16 Jun 1847 Smilde, Mozes Bloemendal, 23 yrs.old, from Smilde, son of Jozef Levij Bloemendal & L:eentje Levij, and
Lea Samuel Wijl, 31 yrs.old, housemaid, daughter of Samuel David Wijl, agricultural laborer & Rachel Mozes Glasslijper.
Mozes Bloemendal, birth ONG 1824 Smilde, daughter of Jozef Levij Bloemendal and Leentje Levij
3) David Nathanel Wijl, birth 11 MEI 1821 Frederiksoord-Vledder, son of Samuel David Wijl, laborer, 43 yrs.old & Rachel Mozes Glasslijper, 33 yrs.old., died 8 Apr 1899 Steenwijk, buried at Jewish cemetery of Steenwijk: k"h David ben Netanel Wijl; tomb 018.
Married 2 Sep 1846 The Hague, David Netaniel Wijl, 25 yrs.old, tradesman, born in Vledder, residing in The Hague, son of Samuel David Wijl, laborer & Rachel Mozes Glasslijper, in Vledder, and
Jeannetta de Koning, 30 yrs.old, from The Hague, daughter of Jacob de Koning, deceased & Hester Penna, tradeswoman, in The Hague.
Witnesses: David Moses Henriques Fuentes, 28 yrs, schoolteacher, Elias Isaac Viskooper, 26 yrs, shopkeeper, Aaron Benjamin Spinosa Cattella, 28 yrs, beadle and Meyer Wolff, 53 yrs, tradesman.
Jeannette de Koning, birth 25 MRT 1816 The Hague, died 21 MRT 1892 Steenwijk, buried at Jewish cemetery of Steenwijk - tomb 047: Sjeine bat Jacob, spouse of k"h David ben Netanel Wijl., daughter of Jacob Mozes de Koning-Cohen and Ester Simon Frank
4) Levi Nathaneel Wijl, birth 3 Aug 1823 Vledder
Event: event between 1858 and 1943 Frederiksoord - Auschwitz a daughter, Regina, born in Frederiksoord on 16 Nov 1858 was murdered in Auschwitz on 12 Feb 1943.

Married 27 Apr 1855 Vledder, Levi Nethaneel Weijl, 31 yrs.old, from Vledder, a colonist, son of Samuel David Weijl & Rachel Mozes Glasslijper, a colonist, and
Martha Woudstra, 36 yrs.old, from Noordwolde, daughter of David Heimans Levi Woudstra & Hendrika Sander v.Leer, both deceased,
Martha Woudstra, birth ONG 1818 Noordwolde
5) Jannetje Samuel Wijl, birth 4 Feb 1827 Frederiksoord
Married 10 Nov 1858 Lemsterland, Jannetje Samuel Wijl, 31 yrs.old, born in Frederiksoord, daughter of Samuel David Wijl & Rachel Mozes Glasslijper, and
Joseph Symens de Jong, 39 yrs.old, from Lemmer, son of Symen Heimans de Jong & Jantje Jacobs Elkan.
Joseph Symens de Jong, birth ONG 1819 Lemmer
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