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Salomon Samuel-Zanwil Joseph Bresum, birth 1745 Amsterdam, died 26 MRT 1793 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Zanwil ben Joseph Bresum., son of Joseph Bresum and N.N.
Married 1777 Amsterdam, dtb 749/564; witn.groom: brother David Joseph; witn.bride: f.Mozes Hartog.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5537/41 on 5 Elul 5537;
groom: Samuel Zanwil ben Joseph;
bride: Brendele, accompanied by father Moshe ben Naftali;
brothers groom: David & Bendit;
mother bride: Hanna bat Matti'.
Branca Brendele Mozes Schoenlapper, birth 1755 Amsterdam, died 4 Apr 1830 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Branca Mozes Schoenlapper, 78 yrs.old, widow of Samuel Joseph Brasum.
Notifier: Joseph Samuel Brasum, 52 yrs.old, son.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
, daughter of Mozes Hartog Naftali and Anna Hanna Matthijs Kijser
Event: was naturalized 9 Aug 1813 Amsterdam assumption of name Braassem [!] by Branca Mozes, widow of Samuel Salomon [?] and children, then living at Jodenbreestr/Steenvoetsteeg, with 2 sons and 2 daughters;
sons: Joseph, 34 yrs. and Hartog, 32 yrs.old;
daughters: Naatje, 36 yrs. and Mietje, 25 yrs.old.
1) Joseph Samuel Zanwil Braasem, birth 1773 Amsterdam, died 6 Sep 1832 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Joseph Salomon Brasier[?], 52 yrs.old, spouse of Beletje Salomon Visman.
Notifier: Hijman Barend Wind, 62 yrs.old, br.-in-law.
(On 19 Jan 1848 the name of Joseph is changed to Joseph Samuel Blasem[?, = Brasem], and the name of Beletje to Branka Salomon Pothuis)
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Event: event FROM 25 OKT 1823 TO 31 MRT 1829 death of children death of children: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 25 Oct 1823 - stillborn daughter of Joseph Samuel Brasem & Branco Salomon Pothuis.
on 29 Dec 1825 - Samuel Joseph Braasem, 5 yrs.old, son of Joseph Salomon Braasem, 46 yrs.old & Branco Samuel [strangely enough, there is another son, Samuel, born before this one, who marries eventually]
Notifier: Elias Godschalk Pothuijs, 36 yrs.old, [mother's] cousin.
on 31 Mar 1829 - Naatje Joseph Blasem[!], 6 months old, daughter of Joseph Salomon Blasem, 48 yrs.old & Branka Salomon Pothuis.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Married 1810 Amsterdam, dtb 658/556; parents groom: Samuel Joseph & Rebecca Salomon[?]; parents bride: Elias Salomon [?, should be vice versa] & Marianne Hartog.
Event (family) got engaged Aug 1808 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5568/30 on 14 Menachem-Aw 5568;
groom: Joseph ben Zanwil Levie[?];
bride: Brein, accompanied by father Zelig ben Eli', who will donate fl. 100,- to the dowry;
committed for groom: Aron ben Leizer Rachmanuth;
committed for bride: her father.
Branca Brein Salomon Zelig Pothuis, birth 1790 Amsterdam, died 12 Sep 1845 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: Branca/Brein Salomon/Shlomo[?] Pothuis, 61 yrs.old, deterioration, at NIZ, wife of Mozes Barend/Ber Appelman. 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Salomon Zelig Elias Pothuis and Marianne Mirjam Hartog Hirsch Levie
2) Betje Jent Salomon Zanwil Brasem Bresum, birth 1778 Amsterdam, died 23 Dec 1840 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

ansje salomon Brasum, 64 yrs.old, spouse of Hijman Barend Wind.
Notifier: Salomon Hijman Wind, 37 yrs.old, son.
info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Married 1802 Amsterdam, dtb 648/432; witn.groom: f.Barend Simon[?, deceased]; witn.bride: m.Branca Mozes. to:
Hijman Chaim Barend Ferli Wind Levie-Roeach, birth 1774 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 24 Ijar 5532 [May 1772!] - birth of Chaim ben Ferli ben Simon Levie.
, son of Barend Ferli Simon Levie-Roeach and Eva Hevi Hijman Braatbaard
Poorlist 1809 Amsterdam: on the list under nr. 20.41: Hijm.Barend = Chaim ben Peerel Levie, 34 yrs.old, married, porcelain, with 2 sons of 5 & 3 yrs, and 2 daughters of 7 & 1 yrs.
Event: event between 1809 and 30 Dec 1820 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery:
on 17 Aug 1809 - stillborn child
on 27 Aug 1809 - " "
on 21 Jul 1811 - Shifra, daughter of Hijman Barend Levie-Roeach.

G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 16 Jul 1813 - David Hijman Wind, 7 months old, son of Hijman Barend Wind, 43 yrs.old & Betje Salomon.

n 12 Aug 1814 - stillborn son of Hijman Barend Wind, 46 yrs.old & Betje Salomon
on 13 Sep 1817 - stillborn son of Hijman Barend Wind, 48 yrs.old & Betje Salomon Brasum.
on 30 Dec 1820 - stillborn son of Hijman Barend Wind, 52 yrs.old & Betje Salomon Brasum.
info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
3) Hartog Hirts Salomon Zanwil Brasem Bresum, birth 1786 Amsterdam, died 22 Nov 1836 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Hartog Salomon Braasem, 54 yrs.old, spouse of Betje David Ketellap.
Notifier: Barend Simon de Beer, 38 yrs.old, br.-in-law.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Married 1810 Amsterdam, dtb 659/467; parents groom: Salomon Brasem, deceased & Brede Mozes; parents bride: David Isaac, deceased & Judith Salomon.

On 21 Kislev 5578 [Dec 1817] tnaim acharonim;
groom: bachelor Hirts ben Zanwil Bresum;
bride: maiden Beile bat David Kessellapper z.l;
the groom promises to produce a chalitsa act from his brother Joseph.
Beertje Beile David Ketellapper, birth 1788 Amsterdam, daughter of David Isaac Itsak Ketellapper and Judith Jetche Salomon Kloot-Cohen
4) Mietje Gittele Salomon Braassem, birth ONG 1788 Amsterdam, died 1853 Amsterdam, 'Mietje/Gittele Salomon/Leizer[?] Braassem/Bresum, wife of Barend/Ber Simon de Beer/Melamed'
Married 25 MRT 1818 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Barend Simon de Beer, 27 yrs.old, son of Simon Hijman de Beer & Dina Emanuel Wouthuijzen, and
Mietje Salomon Braassem, 26 yrs.old, daughter of Salomon Joseph Braassem & Branca Moses.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Barend Ber Simon de Beer Chazir Melamed, birth 4 OKT 1790 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions & Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811 by Jits v.Straten':
on 3 Cheshvan 5551 - circumcision of Ber ben Simon Chazir.
, died 1856 Amsterdam, 'Barend/Ber Simon de Beer/Melamed', son of Simon Hijman Chaim de Beer Chazir Melamed and Dina Emanuel Mendele Waldhozen
Event: event FROM 22 Jun 1826 TO 26 Nov 1830 Amsterdam eath of child: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 22 Jun1826 - Ester Barend de Beer, 2 months old, daughter of Barend Simon de Beer, 35 yrs.old & Mietje Salomon Braassem.
on 19 Aug 1826 - Judik Barend de Beer, 2 yrs.old, daughter of Barend Simon de Beer, 35 yrs.old & Mietje Salomon Braassem.
on 15 Feb 1828 - stillborn son of Barend Simon de Beer & Mietje Salomon Braassem
on 22 Feb 1828 - Ester Barend de Beer, 8 days old, daughter of Barend Simon de Beer, 36 yrs.old & Mietje Salomon Braassem.
on 26 Nov 1830 - Branco Barend de Beer, 1 month old, daughter of Barend Simon de Beer, 40 yrs.old & Mietje Salomon Braassem.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
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