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Aron Salomon Samuel Plaas, birth ONG 1776 Amsterdam, died 16 Feb 1837 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
Aron Salomon Plaas, 65 yrs.old, spouse of Saartje Nathans.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
, son of Samuel Plaas Schneider and Eva Isaac
Event: event FROM 8 Dec 1811 TO 23 Jun 1832 Amsterdam death of sons: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 8 Dec 1811 - Nathan Aron, 17 days old, son of Aron Samuel, 32 yrs.old & Saartje Nathans.
Notifier: Philip Abraham, 24 yrs.old, cousin.
on 13 Dec 1821 - Levie Aron Plaas, 9 months old, son of Aron Samuel Plaas, 46 yrs.old & Saartje Nathan Snijder.
Notifier: Hartog Abrahams, 49 yrs.old, cousin.
on 23 Jun 1832 = Philip Aron Plaas, 2 yrs.old, son of Aron Salomon Plaas, 59 yrs.old & Sara Nathan.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
Event: was naturalized 4 Feb 1812 Amsterdam assumption of name Plaas; then living at Korte Houtstr. 5, with 1 son, Salomon, 11 weeks old.
Event: event 14 Aug 1850 Amsterdam burial of granddaughter at Zeeburg cemetery:
'Meintje/Mirjam bat Gittele Plaas/Schneider, daughter of Grietje/Gittele bat Aron', at L. Houtstr. 31
[the mother of the child marries on 4 Nov 1872 (synagogual on 6 Jul 1873), 46 yrs.old, to Salomon Nijkerk - from Fresco-Brilleman-file on synagogual marriages]

Married 29 Nov 1826 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Aron Samuel Plaas, 50 yrs.old, son of Samuel Plaas & Eva Isaak, and
Sara Nathans, daughter of Nathan Nathans & Grietje Abraham.
The children Samuel Aron, b. 15 Nov 1811, Joseph Aron Plas, b. 2 May 1815, Nathan Aron Plaas, b. 17 Jun 1817, Eva Aron Plaas, b. 6 Jan 1823 and Grietje Aron Plaas, b. 23 Jun 1826, are recognised as children of the couple.
Witnesses: Aron Boas, 56 yrs.old, Mozes Abraham Brander, 43 yrs.old, Emanuel Samuel de Worm[?, =? Vorm], 51 yrs.old and Jacob Abraham Appelboom, 74 yrs.old,
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Sara Nathans Snijder
1) Joseph Aron Plas, birth 2 MEI 1815 Amsterdam
Event: event FROM 2 Apr 1842 TO 1860 Amsterdam eath of child: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 2 Apr 1842 - Aron Plas, 2.5 yrs.old, son of Joseph Aron Plas & Beletje Leendert Speyer.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

burial of children:
on 26 Oct 1856 - David Joseph Plas/Kruijer, son of Joseph Aron, 4.5 yrs.old, at Uilenburg 77
on 26 Nov 1856 - Hartog/Hirsch Joseph Plas, son of Joseph Aron, 2 months old, at Uilenburg 77.
on 22 Feb 1860 - Femmetje/Frumet bat Joseph Plas, daughter of Joseph Aron, 13 months old, at
Uilenburg 79.
Event: event 8 Jan 1896 Amsterdam marriage of grandson?:
Joseph Plas, born 10 Sep 1871, son of Arie/Arye ben Joseph Plas halevi & Vrouwtje/Fraadche Abraham Sons, to
Esther Sarfaty.
(info from Fresco-Brilleman-file on synagogual marriages)

Married 10 Apr 1839 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Joseph Aron Plas, 23 yrs.old, son of Aron Samuel Plas & Sara Nathans, and
Beletje Leendert Speyer, 19 yrs.old, daughter of Leendert Joseph Speyer & Sophia David Aap.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Beletje Leendert Speyer, birth ONG 1819 Amsterdam, daughter of Leendert Leizer Joseph Speyer and Sophia David Aap
2) Eva Aron Plaas, birth 6 MRT 1823 Amsterdam
Event: event Amsterdam marries to Jacob Elias Delden.
A son, Salomon, marries on 2 Oct 1867 (synagogual on 29 Nov 1868).
A daughter, Sara, marries on 18 Nov 1868 (synagogual on 10 Jan 1869).
(info from Fresco-Brilleman-file on synagogual marriages)

Married 31 Jul 1844 Amsterdam, Jacob Elias Delden, from Amsterdam, 23 yrs.old, mover, son of Elias Salomon Delden, mover & Mijntje Jacob de Lange, and
Eva Aron Plaas, from Amsterdam, 21 yrs.old, daughter of Aron Samuel Plaas & Saartje Nathans, laborer.
Two chilren are recognised as the couple's children.
Jacob Elias Delden, birth ONG 1821 Amsterdam, son of Elias Salomon Kalman Delde Maarseman and Hijntje Jacob de Lange
Event: event 18 Nov 1868 marriage of daughter in Amsterdam Sara Delden, from Amsterdam, 24 yrs.old, daughter of Jacob Elias Delden, mover & Eva Aron Plaas, and
Hartog Schrijver, 25 yrs.old, cigar maker & in the military, son of Juda Schrijver, tailor & Annaatje Wolf Engelander.
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