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Nehemias Salomon Cohen, birth ONG 1740, died 28 Nov 1817 Gendt, Nehemia Salomon Cohen, 67 yrs.old, parents unknown, spouse of Betje Isaac.
Married Gendt, near Nijmegen, see: Nijmegen-collection. to:
Betje Isaac, birth 1763 Aalten, died 14 OKT 1833 Huissen, Betje Isac, born in Aalten in 1763, daughter of Levie Isaac & Grietje Simons, widow of Nehemia Salomon Cohen.
1st notifier: Salomon Nehemia Cohen, 36 yrs.old, tradesman, from Didam, [son]
1) Catharina Nehemia Salomon Cohen, birth ONG 1795 Gendt
Married ONG 1827, announcement of intended marriage in Veenendaal on 23 Sep 1827:
Isaac Levie de Jong, 74 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, widower of Judith Meyer, son of Levie Isaacs & Johanna Elias, and
Catharina Nehemia Salomon Cohen, 32 yrs.old, from Gent, district of Nijmegen, residing in Amsterdam, daughter of Nehemia Salomon Cohen & Betje Isaac.
Isaac Levie de Jong, birth ONG 1754 Amsterdam?
Event: event previous marriages - Isaac Levie de Jong was married to Mariana Marcus, who dies in Veenendaal on 3 Jan 1816, 58 yrs.old.
- Isaac Levie de Jong remarries on 2 Jul 1816 in Veenendaal, 62 yrs.old, widower of Mariana Marcus, son of Levie Isaacs & Johanna Elias, from Amsterdam, to
Judith Meyer, 54 yrs.old, from Amersfoort, widow of Samson Cohen, daughter of Mijer Levie & Maria Moses.
- Judith Meyer dies in Veenendaal on 14 Dec 1826, 64 yrs.old, daughter of Meyer Levi & Maria Mozes, spouse of Izaak Levie de Jong, widow of Samson Cohen.
2) Simon Nehemia Cohen, birth 31 Dec 1806 Gendt
Married 26 MRT 1834 Huissen, Simon Nehemia Cohen, 27 yrs.old, butcher, born in Gent, son of Nehemia Cohen & Betje Isacs, both deceased and
Ester Manasse, 23 yrs.old, daughter of Levie Manasse & Clara Alexander in Elst.
Ester Manasse, birth ONG 1810 Elst
3) Jetje Nehemia Cohen, birth 22 Dec 1810 Gendt, died 28 Jan 1858 Doornenburg, Jetje Nehemia Cohen, spouse of Joseph Abrahams, daughter of Nehemia Cohen & Bella [I]saks.
Married 12 MRT 1834 Huissen, Joseph Abrahams, butcher, 32 yrs.old, born in Koerdort, son of Israel Abrahams & Brauwde Isaac and
Jetje Nehemia Cohen, 23 yrs.old, born in Gent, daughter of Nehemia Cohen & Betje Isac.
Joseph Abrahams, birth ONG 1801 Koerdort
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