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Nagman Mozes Cohen, birth ONG 1772, died 13 Jun 1820 Leeuwarden, Nagman Mozes Cohen, 47 yrs.old, a married man.
, son of Mozes Cohen and Sara Nachman Levie
Event: event additional children in Leeuwarden on 24 Aug 1813 - Claartje Cohen
on 17 Mar 1817 - Adam Cohen

Married ONG 1813 Leeuwarden to:
Debora Adam Drilsma
1) Betje Nagman Cohen, birth 29 Jul 1808 Leeuwarden, died 8 Apr 1879 Oss, Betje Nagman Cohen, 71 yrs.old, born in Leeuwarden, widow of Daniel v.d.Bergh.

Married 15 Jun 1830 Leeuwarden to:
Daniel v.d.Berg, birth 19 Dec 1794 Geffen, died 23 Dec 1866 Oss, Daniel v.d.Bergh, son of Zadoc v.d.Bergh & Elisabeth v.d.Wielen, spouse of Betje Nagman Cohen.
, son of Zadok v.d.Bergh and Elisabeth Isaac v.d.Wielen
Event: event FROM 23 Jan 1822 TO 31 OKT 1831 Amsterdam death of children: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
on 23 Jan 1822 - stillborn son of Daniel v.d.Berg & Roosje Israel Preso.
Notifier: Daniel Israel Preso, 32 yrs.old, uncle.
on 16 Oct 1822 - stillborn son of Daniel v.d.Berg, 30 yrs.old & Roosje Israel Preso.
Notifier: Daniel Israel Preso, 35 yrs.old, mother's brother.
on 11 Oct 1824 - stillborn daughter of Daniel v.d.Berg & Roosje Israel Preso.
Notifier: Daniel Israel Preso, 36 yrs.old.
on 15 May 1828 - stillborn son of Daniel v.d.Berg & Roosje Isaac[?] Preso.
on 28 Aug 1828 - Saartje v.d.Berg, 1 yr.old, daughter of Daniel v.d.Berg, 34 yrs.old & Roosje Israel Preso.
Notifier: Daniel Israel Preso, 41 yrs.old, uncle.
on 29 May 1829 - Jacob Daniel v.d.Berg, 1 day old, son of Daniel v.d.Berg, 37 yrs.old & Koosje Israel Preso.
on 31 Oct 1831 - Saartje v.d.Berg, 6 months old, daughter of Daniel v.d.Berg & Betje Nagman Cohen.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
Event: event children from 2nd wed Jannetje v.d.Bergh, b. 10/12/1834, Lith. married on 24/5/1861 in Oss to Salomon Levison, b.
11/4/1837 Oss, son of Mozes Levison & Arrogina Neuhaus; Jannetje dies on
25/3/1895 in Oss.
Dientje v.d.Bergh, b. 1/2/1840, Lith, married on 22/6/1877 in Tilburg to Simon Kahn, b. 19/7/1841,
Reeuwijk, son of Mozes Simon Kahn & Johanna v.Tijn.
Roosje v.d.Bergh, b. 22/1/1844, Lith, married on 3/4/1872 in Oss to Moses de Hartogh, b. 24/6/1838,
Groningen, son of Nathan Freerk de Hartogh & Janse v.Raalte.

oosje v.d.Bergh, b. 22/1/1844, Lith, marries on 1/8/1876 in Tilburg to Joseph de Vries, b. 22/1/1850
in Ravenstein, son of Aron de Vries & Maria v.Meer
Jacob v.d.Bergh, b. 1846, Oss, marries on 18/8/1875 in Harderwijk to Rika Zeehandelaar, 27 yrs.old,
from Hoorn, daughter of Abraham Zeehandelaar & Rosina v.Hamberg
Simon v.d.Bergh, b. 25/12/1847 , Lith, marries on 5/6/1877 in Tilburg to Esther Monnickendam, b.
10/11/1846, M'dam, daughter of Gabriel Mozes Monnickendam & Judic Salomon
arjanna v.d.Bergh, b. 1/4/1851, Lith, married on 15/11/1872 in Oss to Hartog Hartog, b. 11/6/1847
Brakel, son of Jacob Hartog & Catharina v.Dijk.
Cato v.d.Bergh, dies on 18/12/1847 in Lith.
2) Mozes Nagman Cohen, birth 6 Sep 1814 Leeuwarden, born on 6 Sep 1814 in Leeuwarden

Event: event 19 Sep 1842 Amsterdam death of child: G.A.A. Amsterdam - death rehistrations:
stillborn daughter of Mozes Cohen, 28 yrs.old & Mietje Salomon Swaap
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Married 18 Dec 1839 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam: Mozes Cohen, 25 yrs.old, born in Leeuwarden, son of Nagman Mozes Cohen & Debora Drilsma, and
Mietje Salomon Swaap, 27 yrs.old, daughter of Salomon Zadok Swaap & Annaatje Wolff.
Wolf Salomon Swaap, 36 yrs.old and Asser Salomon Swaap, 24 yrs.old, brothers, are witnesses.
(info courtesy of Dini Hansma, Utah, U.S.A.)
Mietje Salomon Swaap, birth ONG 1812 Amsterdam, daughter of Salomon Zelig Zadok Swaap and Anna Jent Wolf Hannover
3) Kaatje Nagman Cohen, birth 2 Aug 1819 Leeuwarden
Married 1 Jun 1839 Leeuwarden, announcement on oncoming marriage in Leeuwarden, in Amsterdam on 12 May 1839:
Simon Zadok Delden, diamond cutter, from Amsterdam, 23 yrs.old, son of Zadok Hartog Delden & Judic Simons, and
Kaatje Nagman Cohen, from Leeuwarden, 18 yrs.old, daughter of Nagman Mozes Cohen, deceased & Debora Adams Drielsma.
Simon Zadok Delden, birth ONG 1815 Amsterdam, son of Zadok Hartog Delden and Judith Simon Knippel Meinster
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