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Hijman Isaac Troulder, birth ONG 1807 Amsterdam, died 23 Sep 1878 Nijkerk, Hijman Isaac Troulder, 70 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, son of Isaac Sander Troulder & Brendeltje Heijmans, widower of Rebecca Bataaf & Vogeltje v.d.Tulp., son of Isaac Alexander Troeder and Branca Brendeltje Hijman Dikkie
Event: event children Isaac son of Chaim Segal Troulder, born 1829 (circumcision on 13 Feb 1829 in Nijkerk); died in Nijkerk on 24 Aug 1851, 22 yrs.old, son of Hijman Isaac Proulder[sic] & Rebecca Issac Bataaf.
Salomon Troulder, born1830 (on 9 Jun 1830 circumcision of Shlomo, son of Chaim Segal Troulder in Nijkerk), died in Nijkerk on 24 May 1863, 32 yrs.old, son of Heijman Troulder & Rebecca Bataaf.
- Saartje Hijmans Troulder, born abt 1833, died in Nijkerk on 5 Jan 1853, 19 yrs.old, daughter of
Hijman Isaac Troulder & Rebecca Isac Bataaf.
- Betje Troulder, born abt 1838, died in Nijkerk on 4 Apr 1870, 31 yrs.old, daughter of Hijman Isaac Troulder & Rebecca Bataaf.

tere are children as well from his 2nd marriage

Married 12 MEI 1830 Nijkerk, Hijman Isaac Froulder[sic], 23 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, dealer in discarded items, son of Isaac Sander Froulder & Brendeltje Heijmans, and
Rebecca Izak Bataaf, 34 yrs.old, from Nijkerk, daughter of Izak Samuel Bataaf & Sara Abraham.
Rebecca Isaac Bataaf, birth ONG 1795 Nijkerk, died 20 Nov 1842 Nijkerk, Rebecca Bataaf, 47 yrs.old, daughter of [Izak] Samuel Bataaf & Sara Abraham, spouse of Hijman Isaac Sroulder[sic]., daughter of Isaac Samuel Bataaf and Sara Abraham

Family page
Hijman Isaac Troulder
Married 16 OKT 1844 Amsterdam, Hijman Isaac Troulder, born in Amsterdam, 36 yrs.old, widower of Rebecca Bataaf, son of Isaac Sanders Troulder & Brendeltje Heijmans, and
Vogeltje v.d.Tulp, from Amsterdam, 35 yrs.old, embroiderer, daughter of Philip Benedictus v.d.Tulp & Roosje Gerson Druives.
Vogeltje Fegle Philip Peis v.d.Tulp-Cohen, birth 12 Apr 1809 Amsterdam, 'Circimcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
on 12 Apr 1809 - birth of Fegle bat Peis Cohen-Schneider [?]
, daughter of Philip Peis Benedictus Bendit v.d.Tulp-Cohen and Roosje Reizche Gerson Treibits
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