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Israel Aron v.Zon, birth 14 Jan 1785 Middelburg, circumcision in Middelburg on 21 Jan 1785 - mohel: Menachem ben Shemarya Zalman., son of Aron Israel and Eva Rechla Isaac Eizik v.Emden-Levie
Married ONG 1811 to:
Kaatje Machiel, birth ONG 1781 The Hague, died 5 Apr 1849 Middelburg, Kaatje Machielse, from The Hague, 67 yrs.old, married to Israel Aron v.Zon.
1) Aron Israel v.Zon, birth 9 Dec 1811 Middelburg, notifier is father Israel Aron, tradesman, 26 yrs.old; the mother is Kaatje Machielse., died 26 Apr 1824 Middelburg, Aaron Israel v.Zon, 12 yrs.old, son of Israel Abraham v.Zon & Kaatje Machiels.
2) Machiel Israel v.Zon, birth 1 OKT 1813 Middelburg
Married 25 Feb 1836 Middelburg, Machiel Israel v.Zon, born in Middelburg on 1 Oct 1813, 22 yrs.old, son of Israel Aron v.Zon & Kaatje Machil, and
Jannetje v.Zon, born in Middelburg on 5 Jan 1808, daughter of Israel Eliazer v.Zon & Heintje Machielse.
Jannetje v.Zon, birth 5 Jan 1808 Middelburg
3) Roosje Rachel Israel v.Zon, birth 14 Jan 1815 Middelburg, died 27 MEI 1891 Middelburg, Roosje Israel v.Zon, 76 yrs.old, married to Izaak Emanuel de Groot.
Married 23 MEI 1845 Middelburg, Rachel Israel v.Zon, from Middelburg, 30 yrs.old, tradeswoman, daughter of Israel; Aron v.Zon & Katje Machiels, and
Izaak Emanuel de Groot, from Middelburg, 23 yrs.old, tradesman, son of Emanuel Aron de Groot & Saartje Mozes Groen.
Izaak Emanuel de Groot, birth ONG 1821 Middelburg
4) Salomon Israel v.Zon, birth 1816 Middelburg, died 14 Dec 1891 Middelburg, Salomon Israel v.Zon, 75 yrs.old, married to Keetje Polak, son of Israel Aron v.Zon & Kaatje Machielse.
Married 2 Jul 1846 Middelburg to:
Sientje Josina Marcus Joseph, birth 1821 St.Annaland, died 29 MEI 1865 Colijnsplaat, 42 yrs.old.
5) Roos v.Zon, birth 15 Sep 1817 Middelburg, died 3 Dec 1882 Middelburg, 66 yrs.old.
Married 22 Apr 1842 Middelburg, Roos v.Zon, born in Middelburg on 15 Sep 1817, daughter of Israel Aron v.Zon & Kaatje Machiel, and
Machiel Israel v.Zon, born in Middelburg o9n 18 Feb 1813, 29 yrs.old, evaluator, son of Israel Eliazer v.Zon & Heintje Machiel.
Machiel Israel v.Zon, birth 18 Feb 1813 Middelburg
6) Tannetje v.Zon, birth 1818 Middelburg, died 21 MRT 1863 Middelburg, Tannetje v.Zon, 44 yrs.old, spouse of Narhan Mozes Cohen, daughter of Israel Aron v.Zon & Kaatje Machielse.
7) Saartje v.Zon, birth 1820 Middelburg
Married 22 MEI 1846 Middelburg, Saartje v.Zon, from Middelburg, 25 yrs.old, daughter of Israel Aron v.Zon & Kaatje Machielse, and
Samuel Hartog Visser, from Amsterdam, 23 yrs.old, son of Hartog Jacob Visser & Klaartje Salomon Speijer.
Samuel Hartog Visser, birth 1822 Amsterdam, son of Hartog Naftali Jacob Visser and Claartje Gelle Salomon Shlomo Speyer
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