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Levie Abraham Meijer, birth ONG 1789 Kampen, died 11 MRT 1859 Kampen, Levie Abraham Meijer, from Kampen, 70 yrs.old, butcher, son of Abraham Levie Meijer & Saartje Levie Polak, spouse of Betje Abraham Cohen.
Married 26 Jan 1812 Alkmaar, Levi Abraham Meijer, butcher, bachelor, 22 yrs.old, from Kampen, son of Abraham Meijer, butcher & Sara Polak, both residing in Kampen, and
Betje Abraham Cohen, maiden, 25 yrs.old, born in Amsterdam, residing in Alkmaar, daughter of Abraham Gerrit Cohen, tradesman & Aaltje Levi, residing in Alkmaar, attending and consenting in the marriage; the groom introduced a written consent fro m his parent, issued before the judge of peace in Kampen.
Betje Abraham Cohen, birth ONG 1786 Amsterdam, died 27 Sep 1851 Kampen, daughter of Abraham Gerrit Gershon Cohen-Kloot and Clara Alek Levie Polak
1) Salomon Meijer, birth ONG 1813 Alkmaar, died 10 Jan 1900 Kampen, 86 yrs.old.
2) Mietjen Meijer, birth 11 OKT 1815 Kampen
Married 19 OKT 1848 Zwolle, groom is son of David Lutteraan & Lena Joseph. to:
David Lutteraan, birth 10 Jun 1818 Zwolle
3) Leentje Meijer, birth 31 Dec 1821 Kampen
Married 10 Jan 1850 Zwolle, Samson David v.Gelder, born 3 Dec 1819 in Amsterdam, son of David Samson v.Gelder & Saartje Hartog Ries, and
Leentje Meyer, born 31 Dec 1821 in Kampen, daughter of Levie Abraham Meyer & Betjen Abraham Cohen.
Samson David v.Gelder, birth 3 Dec 1819 Amsterdam, son of David Samson Shabtay v.Gelder v.d.Kar and Saartje Levie Hartog Ries
4) Mariana Meijer, birth ONG 1825 Kampen, died 6 Jun 1907 Kampen, 82 yrs.old.
Married 4 Feb 1864 Kampen, groom is son of Annaatje Jacob Krost. to:
Joseph Krost, birth ONG 1833 Amsterdam, son of N.N. and Naatje Hindele Jacob Jokeb Krost
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