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Samuel Mordechai Cohen, son of Mordechai Isaac Cohen and Duifje Taub Mozes Joseph
Event: event 1735 inheritance matters in Amsterdam In an act on the sale of seats in the great synagogue, his son Asher Anshil is mentioned as one of the inheritors of Mordechai Cohen & Taub bat Joseph, his late father being Samuel ben pum khr"r Mordechai Cohen.

on 20 Nissan 5495 the alufim, ketsinim, parnassim of the community appoint aluf khr"r Moshe Fleursum m.h.l. to be the emissary of the orphans of the late khr"r Samuel ben late pum khr"r Mordechai Cohen z.l. instead of the parnassim themselves , to demand and obtain their inheritance left behind by khr"r Samuel Cohen z.l. including movables and immovable property, silver and gold, anything known and yet unknown, and including the 2 seats in the great synagogue; everything shall be give n to aluf khr"r Moshe aforementioned, in order that he may sell this and make up an official act of it.
[Moshe Flershen dies on 18 Cheshvan 5502 [abt Oct 1741] in detention[rasphuis] - Muiderberg cemetery]
1) Vrouwtje Freidche Samuel Cohen, birth 1711 Mainz, died 1780 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 28 Adar II - widow of Joseph ben Moshe Spiro.
Married 1739 Amsterdam, dtb 724/31; groom widower of Rachel Levie; witn.bride: uncle Eliaser Marcus Cohen. to:
Joseph Mozes Spier, birth 1704 Amsterdam, died 1773 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 18 Shevat 5533 - Joseph ben Moshe Spiro., son of Mozes Joseph Spier Shapiro and Anna Hendele Salomon Klonimus Drukker-Levie
2) Abraham Asher-Anshil Samuel Cohen, birth 1711 Amsterdam
Event: event 1747 death of child Zeeburg cemetery: on 1 Ijar 5507 - child of Asser[= Anshil] Samuel Cohen.
Event: event Aug 1754 committed person in t.r. in Amsterdam In tnaim rishonim act 5514/80 on 24 Aw 5514 Anshil ben Samuel hakohen is committed for bride Fegle, accompanied by father Koppel ben Leizer z.l, who engages to become married to the groom Moshe, accompanied by father Jokeb ben Joseph; committe d for groom: [uncle] Zekli ben Simon Jaffe.
[marriage takes place in dtb 734/295 - t.a. act 5516/32]

Married 1738 Amsterdam, dtb 723/446; witn.groom: uncle Jacob Mordechai Cohen; witn.bride: m.Abigael Joseph. to:
Vrouwtje Freidche Daniel Tanchum, birth 1712 Amsterdam
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