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Levie Elieser Chazzan, birth Amsterdam, died 22 Jul 1673 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 9 Aw 5433 - Leib ben khr"r Leizer Chazzan, son of Elieser Elia Chazzan Kottenheim and Jannetje Asser to:
Gelchi Abraham, died 1709 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 11`Tammuz 5469 - Gelchi bat Abraham, wife of Leib ben Leizer Chazzan.
1) Elias Levie Chazzan-Kottenheim, birth ONG 1673 Amsterdam, This person has been invented in order to give explanation and source for his children.
There exists an uncle to these children with identical first name, born about 30 yrs. earlier from the 1st wife of the grandfather, who died on 26 Dec 1716, and who cannot be the father of these children, whom however at their burials are calle d 'grandsons of Eliaser Chazzan']
, died ONG 1724 Amsterdam, possibly on Zeeburg cemetery on 20 Nissan 5499 (1739) as 'Elia benLeib Chazzan'.
[If this is the case, then he was some years before that alreadyinactive, because his spouse functions as a witness at the marriagesof the children]

Event: event Apr 1702 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery registration: on 8 Nissan 5462 - child of Eli',grandson of late Leizer Chazzan; buried at Portuguese cemetery.

Married ONG 1696 to:
Rebecca Freidele David, died 1749 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 9 Nissan 5509 - wife of Eli' ben Leib.
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