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David Lucas Lekish Beschuitje, died 1762 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 9 Sivan 5522 - David Lucas Beschuitje., son of Lucas Elyakim-Lekish and N.N.
Event: event between 1720 and 1748 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery:
on 29 Kislev 5481,
on 23 Tishre 5498, and
on 28 Cheshvan 5509 - children of David Lucas.

Married VR 1712 to:
N.N. Mozes Swaab, died MRT 1712 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 26 Adar II 5472 - wife of David ben Lekish,daughter of Moshe Swaab; at childbirth.

Family page
David Lucas Lekish Beschuitje
Married ONG 1712 to:
2nd Wife of David, died 1767 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 2 Shevat 5527 - widow of David Lucas Beschuitje.
1) Lucas Lekish David Beschuitje, birth 1715 Amsterdam, died 8 Jan 1788 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: Lucas David Beschuitje.
Event: event between 1747 and 1757 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery:
on 14 Aw 5507 - child of Lucas David;
on 27 Cheshvan 5518 - child of Lucas David Beschuitje.

Married 1740 Amsterdam, dtb 724/462; witn.groom: f.David Lucas; witn.bride: m.Judith Mozes. to:
Ester Levie, birth 1716 Amsterdam, died 26 Feb 1788 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: widow of Lucas David Beschuitje.
2) Ester David Beschuitje, birth 1715 Amsterdam
Married 1741 Amsterdam, dtb 725/172; witn.groom: uncle Meyer Benjamin; witn.bride: f.David Lucas. to:
Isaac Joseph Levie, birth 1716 Limburg
3) Abigael David Beschuitje, birth 1717 Amsterdam
Married 1740 Amsterdam, dtb 724/376; witn.groom: aunt Martha Joseph; witn.bride: f.David Lucas. to:
Joseph Joost Eliaser Leendert Leizer Groen Grin, birth 1714 Amsterdam, died 1780 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 20 Ijar 5540 - Joseph Eliaser Grin, fishman., son of Leendert Leizer Grin and N.N.
Event: event 25 Dec 1786 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery: unmarried daughter of Joseph Eliaser Grin.
Event: event Jul 1742 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery: on 3 Tammuz 5502 - child of Joseph, son-in-law of David Lucas.
4) Bele David Beschuitje, birth 1721 Amsterdam
Married 1745 Amsterdam, dtb 727/385; witn.groom: m.Lea David; witn.bride: f.David Lucas. to:
Isaac Eizik Abraham, birth 1720 Amsterdam, died 1779 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 12 Nissan 5539 - Eizik ben Abraham, son-in-law of David ben Lekish.
Event: event Feb 1758 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery: on 7 Shevat 5518 - child of Isaac, son-in-law of David Lucas.
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