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Joseph Salomon Shlomo-Zalman Lotje, birth 1704 Amsterdam, died Sep 1771 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 11 Tishre 5532 - Joseph Salomon Lotechje., son of Salomon Shlomo-Zalman Lotje and Reijna Malka Joseph
Event: event Dec 1729 previous t.r. in Amsterdam Previous Tnaim Rishonim:
Tnaim rishonim on 29 Kislev 5490; groom: Joseph bar Shlomo Zalman z.l; committed for groom: [stepfather] Liepman bar Nechemya Kleef z.l; prospective bride: Gelle bat Jokeb z.l, accompanied by br.-in-law naaleh Abraham bar Juda z.l; committed fo r bride: Jacob ben hr"r Judaleib Levie m.h.l.
[the bride marries in dtb 718/284 - t.a. on 18 Ijar 5491 with groom with identical name and patronym]
Event: event OKT 1739 death of child Zeeburg cemetery: on 14 Cheshvan 5500 - child of Joseph Salomon Lotte.

Married 1732 Amsterdam, dtb 719/172; witn.groom: m.Reijna Joseph; witn.bride: m.Sara Aron.
Tnaim acharonim on 6 Tammuz 5492;
groom: Joseph bar Shlomo Zalman z.l;
bride: Breinche bat Abraham Aberle z.l, accompanied by mother the widow Tserle bat Aron z.l; attended by one unnamed brother of groom.

Event (family) got engaged Sep 1730 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim on 25 Elul 5490;
groom: Joseph ben Shlomo Zalman z.l;
bride: Breinche bat Abraham Aberle z.l, accompanied by mother Tserle bat Aron z.l;
committed for groom: naaleh Simcha bar Raphael Winnig m.h.l;
committed for bride: naaleh David bar Simon Amering.
Barendje Breinche Abraham Aberle Ezus, birth 1704 Amsterdam, died OKT 1735 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 22 Cheshvan 5496 - wife of Joseph Salomon [?]., daughter of Abraham Aberle Salomon Zalman Ezus and Sara Tserle Aron Schreier

Family page
Joseph Salomon Shlomo-Zalman Lotje
Married 1739 Amsterdam, dtb 724/292; groom is widower of Breine Abraham; witn.bride: brother Marcus Hijman. to:
Clara Keile Hijman Chaim, birth 1715 Hessen-Kassel, died 1767 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 18 Shevat 5527 - wife of Joseph Salomon Lotje.
1) Lea Lea-Lotche Joseph, birth 1740 Amsterdam
Married 1760 Amsterdam, dtb 737/423; witn.groom: f.Levie Emanuel; witn.bride: f.Joseph Salomon.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5521/31 on 22 Kislev 5521; groom: Mendele ben hr"r Leib;
bride: Lea Lotche, accompanied by father Joseph ben Zalman, who donates fl. 50,- to the dowry;
small brothers groom: Meyer[?], Boaz & Sho'el; mother bride: Keile bat Chaim.
Emanuel Mendele Levie Leib Koe, birth 1738 Amsterdam, son of Levie Lieberman Emanuel Nachman Koe Rofe and Anna Nucha Abraham
2) Marcus Meyer Joseph Lotje, birth 1755 Amsterdam, died 27 MRT 1810 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: Meyer Joseph Levie[?]-Lotche.
Event: event between 1784 and 1788 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery:
on 8 Ijar 5544 - child
on 19 Ijar 5544 - child
on 30 Mar 1788 - child of Meyer Joseph Lotje.
Poorlist 1809 Amsterdam: on the list under nr. 40.16: Meyer Joseph = Meyer ben Joseph Lotje, 56 yrs.old, married, shoemender, with 2 daughters of 20 & 14 yrs, and 2 sons of 18 & 16 yrs.

Married 1775 Amsterdam, dtb 748/505; witn.groom: sister Lea Joseph; witn.bride: f.Mozes Salomon. to:
Rebecca Mozes Babbejaan, birth 1753 Amsterdam, died 1 MEI 1820 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

ebecca Moses Babejaan, 68 yrs.old, widow of Meyer Joseph Lootje.
Notifier: Joseph Meyer Lootje, 31 yrs.old, son.
info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
, daughter of Mozes Salomon Zadok Italiaander Babian and Anna Joost
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