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Daniel Netanel Mulder Levie
Event: event between 1691 and 1695 death of children Muiderberg cemetery:
on 8 Cheshvan 5452 - child
on 21 Cheshvan 5452 - child of Netanel Levie-Miller
on 8 Nissan 5455 - child of Netanel, brother of Abraham Levie.

Married ONG 1691 to:
Anna Channa Joseph Cohen
1) Mindele Daniel Netanel Mulder-Levie, died 1760 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 26 Shevat 5520 - wife of Netanel Emden. to:
Daniel Netanel Eliaser Soesman v.Emden, died 1760 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 14 Adar 5520 - the old Netanel Emden., son of Eliaser Zoesman Emden and N.N.
Event: event Sep 1719 death of child Zeeburg cemetery: on 5 Tishre 5480 - child of Samuel[=? Netanel] Soesman Emden.
Event: event 1740 death of daughter Muiderberg cemetery: on 18 Shevat 5500 - unmarried daughter of Netanel Emden.
2) Jacob Daniel Netanel Mulder levie, birth 1694 Amsterdam, died 24 Feb 1753 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 20 Adar I 5513 - Jacob ben Netanel Levie.
Married 1720 Amsterdam, dtb 712/73; witn.groom: br.-in-law Daniel v.Emden; witn.bride: f.Soesman Levie. to:
Judith Jeras Soesman Levie, birth 1696 Amsterdam, daughter of Soesman Jacob Gans-halevi and Judith Juttele Mozes
3) Lea Daniel Netanel Mulder-Levie, birth 1700 Amsterdam, died 3 Jan 1786 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 4 Shevat 5546 - wife of Nathan ben Samuel Cohen Katan.
Married 1722 Amsterdam, dtb 713/205; witn.groom: m.Marretje David; witn.bride: m.Anna Joseph. to:
Nathan Neta Samuel Cohen-Katan, birth 1694 Amsterdam, son of Samuel Cohen-Katan and Marretje Mirjam David
Event: event 1734 death of children Zeeburg cemetery:
on 17 Kislev 5495 - son of Nathan Samuel Katan.
on 20 Kislev 5495 - stillborn son of Nathan Samuel Katan.
4) Joseph Daniel Netanel Muller Levie, birth 1701 Amsterdam
Married 11 OKT 1725 Amsterdam, dtb 715/117; witn.groom: m.Anna Joseph; witn.bride: f.Hartog Levie.
Event (family) got engaged 1724 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim on 17 Aw 5484;
groom: Joseph ben Netanel Segal z.l;
bride: Sarale, accompanied by father naaleh Naftali Hirts ben Juda z.l;
committed for groom: naaleh khr"r Moshe Sh"Ts ben hr"r David z.l;
committed for bride: naaleh Zalman bar Juda Jadle z.l.
Sara Hartog Naftali-Hirts Elte, birth 1700 Eltenerberg, daughter of Hartog Naftali-Hirts Levie Elte and Eva Marcus
5) Roosje Reizche Daniel Netanel Mulder Levie, birth 1705 Amsterdam, died 4 Sep 1777 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 2 Elul 5537 - widow of Hartog Victor Polak.
Married 1730 Amsterdam, dtb 717/472; witn.groom Hartog Jacob[?]: David Salomon; witn.bride Roosje Daniel: m.Anna Joseph.
Tnaim acharonim on 8 Sivan 5490;
groom: Zwi Hirsch ben hr"r Avigdor z.l. from Posna;
bride: Reizche bat Netanel halevi z.l, accompanied by brother naaleh Joseph ben Netanel halevi z.l; mother bride: Channa bat khr"r Joseph hakohen z.l;
brothers groom: N.N. & N.N.

Event (family) got engaged Sep 1729 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim on 18 Tishre 5490;
groom: Zwi Hirsch ben hr"r Avigdor z.l. from Pozna;
bride: Reizche bat Netanel halevi z.l, accompanied by brother naaleh Joseph bar Netanel halevi z.l; committed for groom: Elchanan bar Leizer Blits;
committed for bride: naaleh khr"r Moshe ben hr"r David z.l.
Hartog Hirsch Frederik Avigdor Polak v.Posna, birth 1705 Swarens [Schwerzants], died 5 Nov 1772 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 9 Cheshvan 5533 - Hartog Victor Polak., son of Frederik Avigdor Polak and Sara Saul
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