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    Family page
    Levie Aron v.Creveld, birth 23 MRT 1791 Veenendaal, died 22 Aug 1870 Oudshoorn, Levie v.Creveld, 79 yrs.old, widower of Elisabeth Engers, born in Veenendaal, tradesman.
    Noptifiers: Meyer Markus, 58 yrs.old, butcher, in Oudshoorn, acquaintance of the deceased
    and Cornelis v.Berkel, 39 yrs.old, tailor, in Oudshoorn, acquaintance of the deceased.
    , son of Aron Mozes v.Creveld and Heuveltje Hendrikje Hendele Samuel v.Crefeld
    Married 28 Jan 1818 Aarlanderveen, evie Aarons v.Creveld, 26 yrs.old, slaughterer, born in Veenendaal, living in Aarlanderveen, and
    Betje/Beeltje Noach Hijman Engers, 29 yrs.old, borbn in Leiden, living in Aarlanderveen, widow of Izaac Barends.
    parents groom: Levie Aaaron, deceased & Heintje Samuels, in Bodegraven
    parents bride: Noach Hijman, deceased & Branco Levij, in Amsterdam.

    children of the couple:
    - Aron Levie v.Creveld, deceased on 14 Dec 1818 in Aarlanderveen

    Hijman v.Kreveld, born 26 Feb 1820 Aarlanderveen, deceased 18 Apr 1820 Aarlanderveen
    - Heintje v.Creveld, born as Hendrica v.Kreveld in Alphen on 16 Apr 1822, deceased 24 Feb 1886 in Aarlanderveen, 63 yrs.old
    Rebekka v.Creveld, born 6 Oct 1823 Aarlanderveen, deceased 16 Nov 1823 Aarlanderveen
    Bele Noach Engers Schats-v.Leiden, birth 1783 Amsterdam, died 16 Sep 1859 Aarlanderveen, Betje Noach Engers, 79 yrs.old, daughter of Noach Engers & Bransje Wits[?, =? Schats], spouse of Levie Aron v.Creveld, born in Leiden, having been residing in house nr. 342 in Aarlanderveen.
    Notifiers: Levie Aron v.Creveld, lombardholder, 63 yrs.old, living in Aarlanderveen, and Gerrit Verkerk, 43 yrs.old, tradesman, in Aarlanderveen.
    1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Noach Hijman Chaim Engers Schats-v.Leiden and Branca Breinche Levie Frankfort
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