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Mozes Eliaser Leizer v.Minden
Event: event Aug 1699 Amsterdam Muiderberg cemetery: on 4 Aw 5459 - child of Moshe Minden.

Married ONG 1697 to:
Mata Eliaser Leizer Cohen, died 1734 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 7 Sivan 5495 - wife of Moshe Minden [?].
1) Eliaser Leizer Mozes v.Minden, birth 1697 Amsterdam
Married 1722 Amsterdam, dtb 713/70; witn.groom: f.Mozes v.Minden; witn.bride: m.Sara Elias. to:
Engeltje Egla Salomon Zelig Emden, birth 1700 Emden, died 3 Dec 1789 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: widow of Leizer ben Moshe Minden., daughter of Salomon Ruben-Zelig Emden and Sara Eliaser Leizer Cohen
2) Judith Gittele Mozes v.Minden, birth 1707 Amsterdam, died 1783 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 7 Elul 5543 - wife of Abraham ben Itsak Reichenburg.
Married Dec 1731 Amsterdam, dtb 718/457; witn.groom: f.Abraham Krijn; witn.bride: f.Mozes v.Minden.
Tnaim acharonim on 6 Kislev 5492;
groom: Chaim bar Abraham Preger m.h.l;
bride: Gittele, accompanied by father naaleh Abraham Moshe bar Aron Elieser Minden z.l;
brothers groom: Jacob & Leib;
mother bride: Mata bat Elieser Leizer hakohen z.l.

Event (family) got engaged Jan 1731 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim on 16 Teveth 5491;
groom: Chaim ben Abraham Preger m.h.l;
bride: Gittele, accompanied by father naaleh Abraham Moshe ben Aron Elieser Minden z.l;
committed for groom: naaleh Betsalel ben David Weisna z.l;
committed for bride: [uncle] aluf Abraham ben Leizer Cohen z.l.
Hijman Chaim Abraham Krijn Preger, birth 1704 Amsterdam, died 1741 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 9 Teveth 5501 - Hijman Abraham Preger., son of Abraham Krijn Preger and N.N.
Event: event Dec 1734 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery: on 21 Kislev 5495 - child of Hijman Krijn.
3) Salomon Isaac-Zelig Mozes v.Minden, birth ONG 1710
Married ONG 1735, no dtb; no t.a. act;
on 18 Nissan 5495 appears before the trustees of the jewish community in Amsterdam naaleh Elieser Leizer ben naaleh Abraham Moshe Minden m.h.l. and delivers a chalitsa act on behalf of Jente bat Zelig from Jetsnits z.l., spouse of his brother Isaa c Zelig.
Jente Salomon Zelig Jetsnits, birth ONG 1710
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