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Salomon Yoshua-Zelig Mozes de Jong Rintel, birth 1630 Livno, Place of origin literally written as Livenou.
It is probable, that this is not Livno (in Bosnia), but much more feasible that the intention is Liebenau, not far from Minden.

Married 1657 Amsterdam, dtb 683/235; no witnesses. to:
Ester Cantor, birth 1631 Essive, died 1700 Amsterdam, Muiderberg registration: on 7 Shevat 5460 - Ester, mother of Itsak Rintel.

dues for burial at Muiderberg [impost]: on 27 Jan 1700 obtained for the burial of the widow Hester Isaac, in the class of six florins: 6 florins.
1) Isaac Itsak Salomon Yoshua-Zelig de Jong Rintel, birth 1659 Amsterdam, died 15 OKT 1729 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 22 Tishre 5490 - the old Isaac Rintel.
'Parnas Isaac de Jonge/Rintel' who died on Shemini Atzeret
(see "De Vrijdagavond; joodsch weekblad, vol. 1, 1925, nr. 42: on p' 245 photographs of his & his spouse's tombstones; htttp://

Event: event Jan 1705 death of child Muiderberg cemetery: on 1 Teveth 5465 - child of Itsak Rintel.

Married 1682 Amsterdam, dtb 693/164; witn.groom: m.Ester Cantor; witn.bride: f.Aron Joseph. to:
Roosje Reiz Aron Moznum, birth 1665 Amsterdam, died Jun 1743 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 21 Sivan 5503 - the old Roosje, wife of Isaac Rintel., daughter of Aron Joseph Moznum and Eva Benjamin Wolf Swaab
Event: signed a will MEI 1731 Amsterdam on 25 Ijar 5491 appears before the trustees of the jewish community the gevira Reiz bat late pum pum khr"r Aron Moznem z.l, widow of the late pum khr"r Itsak Rintel z.l. and declared: I came before you to make up a will; and she requested fro m us to hear and to accept her will, and to write it down and to sign it, as specified in this act, etc:
and so she said before us: first thing after her death 10 rabbis, who are married men, should learn during 1 full year and they should be rewarded each with 12 R"T [Reichtaler] for these 12 months; and they should start immediately after her death , and designate a fixed hour when the boys have spare time; and also a permanent light should be lit during that full year; and also a gravestone should be erected precisely at the completion of that year, as was done with my husband; and al l my property including silver & goldware and precious stones should not be left to strangers, but should be divided among ourselves or sold among ourselves; my property should divide equally among my daughter-in-law Sara, spouse of my elder so n khr"r Zelig m.h.l. and my daughters, especially in connection with my clothing; etc, etc.
Event: event Will executed on 2 Sep 1743 before notary Daniel v.d.Brink (toegang 5075, 10351/1274) quittance after demise of Roosje Arons:
Salomon de Jongh (4), Joseph de Jongh (7), Benjamin de Jongh (11)
Benjamin as well as empowered agent for Wolf Levij Meijer & his spouse Johanna de Jongh (3) residing in Halberstad, according to procuration by notary Heinrich Jacob Kohlman, passed on 28 Jul 1743 in Halberstad
further: Michiel Levij Bing, Elias de Lima & Jacob de Lion Arons as trustees of the children of Moses Isaac de Jongh (10)
Marcus Elias Ries, married to Schoontje de Jongh (1)
Heijman Boas, married to Marjana de Jongh (8)
Heijman Boas as well as empowered agent for Meijer Boas & his spouse Sibilla de Jongh (14), residing in Middelburg, according to procuration on 12 Jul 1743 before notary Daniel Zutterman
Hendrik Joseph Levij, married to Sara de Jongh (6)
Philip v.Minden, married to Rebecca de Jongh (9)
Samuel Ezechiel Cohen, married to Hana de Jongh (13)
Samuel Ezechiel Cohen as empowered agent of Godert Ezechiel Cohen & spouse Hester de Jongh (12), residing in Nimwegen, according to procuration of 25 Aug 1743 before notary Evert Sanders v.Well in Nimwegen
further: Abraham Levij de Jongh, married to Hester Jacobs, Isaac Nathan de Jongh, married to Sprins Jacobs and Benjamin Jacob de Jongh, as children of Merla de Jongh (2)
Andries Abraham, only son & inheritor of Rachel de Jongh (5)

the deceased has passed away at the house of the 3rd comparee Benjamin Isaac de Jonge.
The amount to be divided is fl. 10655, -
the 4 sons get each a ninth part, i.r. 1183 guilders, 17 stuivers & 8 penningen, whereas the part of Moses will be handed to the guardians of his children
the 10 daughters get each a eightteenth part, i.e. 591 guilders, 19 stuivers., whereas the part of Merla is divided between Ester, Sprins & Benjamin Jacob de Jonge, each one 197 guilders 6 stuivers & 6 penningen, and Rachjel's part goes in its tot ality to son Andries Abraham.

the next notarial act concerns an additional quittance, to do with Benjamin and the guardians of Moses' children. It concerns a house at the Oosterse Kaay, which Isaac Salomon had bought in 1702 for 8800 guilders.Moses & Benjamin had bought thi s house from their mother in 1730 for the amount of 10.000,-
in 1744 Benjamin transferred his part ( half of the property) to the inheritors of Moses.
In 1746 the guardians sold the house for the amount of 9500,- guilders on behalf of these inheritors.

another act (10470/201) on 5 Feb 1756 before notary Daniel v.d.Brink:
an additional quittance of the inheritors of Schoontje Isaac de Jongh (1)
Salomon Isaac de Jongh (4), Joseph Isaacs de Jongh (7) and Benjamin Isaacs de Jongh (11)
Sibilla Isaacs de Jongh (14), widow Marcus Boas
Philip v.Minden, married to Rebecca de Jongh (9), residing in Amersfoort,
Samuel Ezechiel Cohen, married to Hanna Isaacs de Jongh (13)
Benjamin I(saac de Jongh as empowered agent for:
Abraham Levij de Jongh, married to Ester Jacobs de Jongh
Benjamin Jacobs de Jongh
Isaac Nathan de Jongh, married to Srins Jacob de Jongh, where Ester, Benjamin & Sprins Jacobs de Jongh are children of the late Meerle de Jongh (2)
Benjamin Isaac de Jongh for:
Hirsch Wolff Meijer
Taypie Wolff Meijer
David Wolff Meijer in Berlin.
Israel Salomons for:
Wolff Levin Meijer as father & guardian of Rachel, Feijle, Ester & Meerle Wolff Meijer, all children of Hendle Isaac de Jongh (3)
Andries Abraham Schoelhoff, son of Rachel Isaac de Jongh (5)
Salomon Boas & Andries Abraham Schoelhoff as empowered persons for Saul Boas jr. in Middelburg and Marcus Boas, children of the late Mariane de Jongh (2) and Heijman Boas
Joseph & Benjamin Isaac de Jongh as guardians of Telsje, Isaac & Ester Moses de Jongh (10) all residing in Amsterdam.
The divided sum is 3645 guilders
a twelfth part - 303 guilders & 15 stuivers to each of the siblings still alive
a thirty sixth part - 101 gld & 5 st. to the children of Meerle, Moses and Mariane
a eighty fourth part - 43 gld & 7 st & 14 p to the seven children of Mariane.

Another quittance concerning legacies left by Schoontje Isaac de Jongh, before notary Daniel v.d.Brink on 19 Jan 1756 (10470/121)
Benjamin Isaacs de Jongh, Isaac Benjamin de Jongh and Andries Abraham Schoelhoff for themselves,
and the same Benjamin Isaacs de Jongh as father & guardian of Roosje Benjamin de Jongh
Isaac Nathan de Jongh as gouvernor of the college Jetoumin [orphans]
Levij Elias de Lima as governor of the college Bethamadras [= Beth Hamidrash= rabbincal school]
Abraham Levij as governor of the college Ijters S'kijnim [= Atereth Zekenim = care of the old]
Isaac Nathan de Jong for Aaltje Davids on behalf of the Gebra named Fagrichem of the Women [= Chevra for Tachrichim = college of clothing for the dead]
all residing in Amsterdam, together legatees of the late Schoontje Isaaks de Jong, widow of the late Marcus Elias Ries, deceased inside this town, according to her will of 14 April 1753 before notary Herman de Wolff.

Benjamin Isaacs de Jongh: fl. 1000,- and her clothes & furniture
Isaac Benjamin de Jongh, Andries Abraham Schoelhoff & Roosje Benjamin de Jongh, each fl. 500,-.
Isaac Nathan de Jongh on behalf of college Jetoumin : fl. 50,-
Levij Elias on behalf of Bethamadras: fl. 200,-
Abraham Levij on behalf of Ijtertes S'kijnim: fl. 50,-
Isaac Nathan de Jong on behalf of Aaltje Davids for Gebra Tagrichem: fl. 10,-

The executors of the will, Joseph & Benjamin declare that they have transferred the obligatie [governmental value paper] to the first 3 comparees.
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