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Salomon Eliaser Lazi v.Minden, died Jan 1708 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 8 Teveth 5468 - Zalman ben Lazi Minden., son of Eliaser Lazi Minden and Gittele Joseph Juzpe Kalker
Married ONG 1690 to:
Sara Daniel, died Jul 1707 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 22 Tammuz 5467 - wife of Zalman Minden.
1) Philip Peis Salomon Zalman Minden, birth 1688 Hamburg, died Apr 1721 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 25 Nissan 5481 - Peis ben Zalman Minden; member of chevra kedosha Gemiluth Chasadim.
Event: event Jul 1709 death of child Muiderberg cemetery: on 12 Tammuz 5469 - child of Peis Minden.
Event: event notarial acts Weeskamer Amsterdam [citybody regulating rights of orphans] - toegang 5073, 897, folio 249: on 16 July 1721 - the five minor children of Philip v.Minden & Freemtje Cohen, ans as well in toegang 5073, 519 - appointing guardianship , etc', Serie H, folio 4 V on
6 Aug 1721 - on request of Freentje Cohen, the mother of Salomon, 11 yrs, Joseph, 7 yrs, Eliaser, 6 yrs, Ansel, 2yrs & Daniel, 0.5 yr., the five minor children left behind of her & Philip v.Minden the following persons are appointed as guardians : Mordechaij and Joseph Cohen, maternal grandfather and uncle, and Abraham v.Minden, paternal greatuncle.

23 June 1721 - business of tobacco - spun tobacco
the guardians over Philip v.Minden on the one side and Isaac Italiaander for Isaak & Benjamin Italiaander on the other side declare, that through an act of March 5 1708 a joint venture was established between Isaac & Benjamin Italiaander and Phili p v.Minden, which existed during 10 yrs.
The joint venture was extended in 1718 for another 10 yrs. Now that Philip v.Minden has died in April, and being there no intention to stop the spinning of tobacco, a new contract is made up with the guardians of the inheritor.

before notary v.Veerssen, Amersfoort 1735-8
on 1 Feb 1735 - concerning Joseph Philip v.Minden, residing in Amsterdam, having become a major person by act of 'Venia Aetatis' d.d. 12 Jan 1735 - concerning his part of the inheritace of his father, amounting to fl. 4500,-. He had been given be fore by his uncle Abraham v.Minden in Amersfoort, former guardian over the minor children of Philip Salomon v.Minden, left behind, already a certain part of it, i.e. fl. 1500,-. Joseph now inspected the accounts and the books of guardianship & adm inistration, which are now in the hands of Hartog Alexander v.Embden, MD in Amsterdam, and which were kept up to date by his grandfather Mordechaij Cohen, and since his demise by his son Jacob Mordechaij Cohen in Amsterdam. He owns an additiona l amount in the business of Jacob Mordechaij Cohen & Co.

before notaty v.Veerssen, Amersfoort, 1737-59
on 18 Nov 1737 appeared the well-learned Joel Levi, medical doctor here and Marcus Zalomon Cohen, both Jewish, and acquainted with the notary, and declared on request of salomon Philip & Joseph Philip v.Minden, to have well known Ansel v.Minden , son of the deceased Philip v.Minden, and that this Ansel v.Mindenhas died from this world on 9 Jan 1732 here [in Amersfoort] at the house of Abram v.Minden, also a Jew, and had been buried at the Jew cemetery just outside the town.
[the 1st comparant was involved in this a a doctor, the second comparant had been attending this death)

as it seems: the inheritance of the father was processed without problems; however the inheritance of their mother led to procedures with the councilmen, and came to its end only in 1738, after an agreement between the two brothers and the executo rs of the will of the late Moses Isaac de Jong/Rintel (norary v.d.Brink 23 May 1738 10309/274 and 10311/428). It seems, that the statement about the demise of Ansel of 1737 was a necessity for this agreement. (in the agreement he is named Abraham) .
In act 274 it is also mentioned that their mother married Mozes Isaac de Jong 'in the Jewish way, but not according to the laws of this country' (date of contract by Jewish marriage: 9 Feb 1724)
Event: event additional children - Daniel, mentioned in notarial act of 1721, but not in 2nd engagenent of mother, was probably buried at Zeeburg cemetery on 11 Tishre 5484 - son of Philip v.Minden
- Eliazer/Lazi, not mentioned afterwards, is probably buried on 12 Shwat 5488 - son of Philip v.Minden
- Ansel died on 8 Jan 1832 in Amersfort and was buried there,
- Salomon/Zalman - probably buried at Muiderberg cemetery on 19 Tammuz 5525/8 Jul 1765 - Zalman ben Peis Minden, unmarried.

Married 1706 Amsterdam, dtb 705/231; witn.groom: f.Salomon Eliaser; witn.bride: f.Mordechai Cohen. to:
Veronica Priemche Frommet Mordechai Cohen, birth 1689 Amsterdam, died 16 Nov 1728 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 25 Kislev 5489 - wife of Moshe Rintel. 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Mordechai Isaac Cohen and Duifje Taub Mozes Joseph
2) Daniel Salomon Zalman v.Minden, birth 1690 Amsterdam, died 1715 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 30 Tishre 5476 - Daniel ben Zalman Minden.
Event: event notary documents - 10 Jan 1709 - 'Weeskamer Amsterdam' toegang 5073, 519, folio 4V [body regulating rights of orphans]: nominated as guardians of Daniel, 19 yrs.old, minor son of Salomon Eliaser v.Minden, merchant in Tabac & Sara Daniels: grandfathers Eli aser v.Minden & Aron Josephs de Jonge;
- 1 Feb 1708 - on request of Aron Josephs de Jonge an additional guardian & administrator of the orphan's goods is nominated: : Christoffel Hellerus, Notary & overseer of the regulating body.

the following documents, i.e. 897 folio 80 V, 88V, 90V & 93 all concern the minor son of Salomon Eliaser v.Minden in 1708 and 1709:
folio 93: on 14 May 1709 - acceptation by the 'Weesmeesteren' [of the regulating body] of the marriage contract of Daniel v.Minden, assisted by guardian Christoffel Hellerus to Judick Arons, assisted by father and guardian Aron Josephs de Jonge , passed before notary Hellerus on 7 May 1709
folio 80V: mentioning of the acquiring/sale of a house/storehouse. Also mentioned Philip v.Minden.
citation from a transport act d.d. 21 Feb 1709: 'have appeared Philip v.Minden, for himself as well as Christoffel Hellerus, Aron Josephs de Jonge & Eliaser v.Minden, as having been nominated together by the regulating body from this town as guard ians over Daniel v.Minden, which Philip and Daniel are children and sole inheritors of Salomon Eliaser v.Minden & Sara Daniels, partners in marriage.
This concerns the sale of a warehouse at the Northern part of Nieuwe Rapenburgerstr. for the amount of fl. 5500,-.

Aron Joseph de Jonge [= Aron v.Veen/Feen] is witness at the banns of Daniel v.Minden (as is Christopher Hellerus]
in his will before notary Salomon Dorper in Jan 1753, 10749/83 he leaves legacies of fl. 500,-
to Sara Daniels v.Minden, widow of Heijman Berends - if she will die prior to execution, then her children
to Salomon Daniels v.Minden - on condition that he will say Kaddish after his [the grandfather's] demise
Sole inheritor: his daughter Judik Aarons, currently widow of Jacob Elkan Fles - in case of her demise prior to execution: her children.
As executors of his will are named his daughter & Salomon Daniel v.Minden.

Married 1709 Amsterdam, dtb 707/37; witn.groom = witn.bride = f.bride Arend Joseph. to:
Judith Gutele Arend Aron v.Veen, birth 1694 Amsterdam, died 10 MEI 1764 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 10 Ijar 5524 - Gutele, widow of Akiba Fles;
fisches Frank: Gutele bat Aron Feen, wife of the late pum Akiba Fles.
1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Aron Joseph v.Veen and N.N.

Family page
Salomon Eliaser Lazi v.Minden
Married 1707 Amsterdam, dtb 706/104; groom widower of Sara Daniel; bride widow of David Israel. to:
Frommet Ansel Canter, birth Kopenhagen 1st marriage 2nd marriage
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