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Joseph Israel Schrijver, birth CA 1807 Amsterdam, occupation: diamantsnijder, son of Israel Isaac Schrijver Sofer and Reijna Rana Joseph Jadle Koekoek
Married 24 OKT1827 Amsterdam to:
Betje David van Wezel, birth 1804 Amsterdam, died 21 OKT 1885 Amsterdam, occupation: schoonmaakster, daughter of David Jacob van Weezel and Leentje Salomons
1) Juda Joseph Schrijver, birth 1828 Amsterdam, occupation: diamantsnijder
Married 24 Nov 1852 Amsterdam to:
Johanna Sosmann, birth 1832 Lemgo (Lippe), daughter of Falk Sosmann and Rachel David
2) Israel Joseph Schrijver, birth 1831, died CA 1833
3) Mozes Joseph Schrijver, birth CA 1832, died CA 1833
4) Izaak Schrijver, birth CA 1833, died CA 1837
5) Salomon Schrijver, birth 1836 Amsterdam, occupation: venter
Married 13 Jul 1859 Amsterdam to:
Rosette Marcus Coerant, birth CA 1831 Amsterdam, occupation: ventster, daughter of Marcus Jacob Coerant and Saartje Samuel Jacobs
6) Rijntje Schrijver, birth CA 1839 Amsterdam
Married 16 OKT 1867 Amsterdam to:
Benjamin Schrijver, birth 1844 Amsterdam, died 1874, occupation: diamantslijper, son of N.N. and Vrouwtje Emanuel Schrijver
7) George Lodewijk Schrijver, birth 1840 Amsterdam, died 1918, occupation: diamantwerker
Married 13 Nov 1872 Amsterdam to:
Mietje Lievendag, birth 1843 Borne, died 1922, daughter of Joseph Lievendag and Dine David van Gelder
8) Hijman Schrijver, birth 1841 Amsterdam, died 1914, occupation: diamantslijper
Married 11 Sep 1873 Amsterdam to:
Anna Stodel, birth 1849 Amsterdam, died 1915, daughter of Abraham Samuel Stodel and Betje Wolff
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