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Levie Emanuel Cassier, birth 1744 Leiden, died 1 Sep 1831 Leiden, son of Emanuel Isaacs Cassier and Lea Jacobs David Fonteijn to:
Hester Anthonij Jacob Fonteijn, alias: Esther b Anthonij Jacobs (Fonteijn), birth 1751 Leiden, daughter of Anthonie Jacob David Fonteijn and Clara Nathan Levie Cohen
1) Izak Levi Cassier, birth CA 1774
2) Nathan Levie Cassier, birth CA 1783 Leiden, died 25 MEI 1836 Leiden
Married CA 1812 Leiden to:
Maria Betje Salomon
3) Mietje Levi Cassier, birth Leiden
4) Anthonij Levi Cassier, alias: Anthonie b Levi Cassier (Kassier), birth 1785 Leiden, died 16 Dec 1837 Leiden, occupation: koopman
Married 11 Aug 1810 Leiden to:
Catharina Caatje Machielse, alias: Caatje de Jong, birth 1786 Leiden, died 6 SepT 1832 Leiden, Juan Goudsmit, daughter of Michiel Josephs and Marijtje Anthoni\Anthony Piller
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