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Alexander Sender Joseph Hagenau, birth 1630 Norden/Hagenau, died Apr 1719 Amsterdam, buried 10 NISSAN 5479 Muiderberg, occupation: Parnes oe-Manhig, son of Joseph Hagene and nn
Married 1652 Amsterdam, There exist two separate dates for this civil marriage:
1) dtb 681/243 in 1652: groom from Norden[?]; bride from Worms; witn.bride: m.Sara Jacob; and
2) dtb 683/249 in 1657: groom from Hagenau; bride from Worms;
Marretje Abraham is the daughter of the chasid AB"D [aw beth din] mhor"r [morenu harav rabbi] Aberle from Wirmeise [Worms]; see: registration of burial of her sister Sara Gitlin on 9 Jan 1712 [28 Shevat 5472], Fisches Frank nr.669

Married 1657 Amsterdam to:
Marretje Mirjam Abraham Wirmeise, birth CA 1635 Worms, died Jul 1668 Amsterdam, buried 12 TAMMUZ 5428, daughter of Raw Aberle Abraham Wirmeise Worms and Sara Tsirle Jacob
Marretje Abraham is the daughter of the chasid AB"D [aw beth din] mhor"r [morenu harav rabbi] Aberle from Wirmeise [Worms];
Muiderberg cemetery - fisches Frank nr. 668: on 12 Tammuz 5: Mirjam bat mhor"r Abraham; inscripted[?] at her son's [grave].
1) Telzchi ( Elsje ) Sender Hagenau, birth 1654 Amsterdam, died 25 Nov 1727 Amsterdam, buried 12 KISLEV 5488 Muiderberg
Married 1673 Amsterdam to:
Elkana Samuel Levie De Jong, birth 1650 Wildau, died 22 Aug 1722 Amsterdam, occupation: parnas 5473-5474, son of Samuel ( Zanwil ) Elkan Levi and Freida
witn.groom: f.Samuel Levie; witn.bride: f.Alexander Hagenau
2) Joseph|Jozlen Alexander|Sender Hagenau, died 1728 Amsterdam, buried 13 IJAR 5488 Muiderberg to:
wife of Jozlen, died 1716 Amsterdam, buried 10 AW 5476 Muiderberg
3) Bliemche ( Bloema ) Alexander Hagenau, died 28 Nov 1743 Amsterdam, buried 12 KISLEV 5504 Muiderberg to:
Salomon Mozes Frankfort, died Dec 1732 Amsterdam, buried 11 KISLEV 5493 Muiderberg, occupation: PUM, son of Mohr. R' Mozes Benjamin Frankfort and Bele Simon|Shabtay
overl. tussen Eloel 5491 en Kislev 5494. pum Zelig Frankfort, member of chevra kedosha Gemiluth Chasadim
4) Dina Alexander Hagenau, alias: Dina Alexander Sander Hagene, died 1739 Amsterdam, buried 23 ADAR I 5499 Muiderberg cemetery
the old Dina, widow of ShauelBoaz
Salomon \ Sjaoel Isaac \ Itzak Boas, birth CA 1660, died 1 FebR 1720 Amsterdam, buried 7 ADAR I 5480 Muiderberg, son of mhor"r Isaac Itzak Boas and nn
Sho'el ben mhor"r Itsak
5) Abigael Fegle Alexander Sander Hagenaar Hagene
Married 1700 Amsterdam to:
David Benjamin BH"Sh Ben-Hirsch-Shochet, birth 1678 Amsterdam, died 9 OKT 1737 Amsterdam, son of Benjamin Hartog Hirsch BH"Sh Ben Hirsch Shochet and Judith Juttele Hartog Naftali
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