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Nathan Ezechiel Davidson, birth CA 1754, died 17 OKT 1820 `s-Gravenhage, son of Ezechiel David Cohen and Naatje Jacobs
Acc Geni born ca 1729
Kaatje Phillips Hes, alias: Vrouwtje Philips Hes, birth CA 1749, died 20 OKT 1827 `s-Gravenhage
1) Philip Davidson, birth CA 1784 `s-Gravenhage
Married 30 Jan 1828 `s-Gravenhage to:
Caatje Anschitz, birth CA 1796 `s-Gravenhage, daughter of Isaac Jacob Anschitz and Lea Moses
2) Sara Davidson, birth CA 1787, died 3 OKT 1842 `s-Gravenhage to:
Henrij Davison, died VOOR 1842
3) Ezechiel Nathan Davidson, birth CA 1791 `s-Gravenhage, died 27 Dec 1869 `s-Gravenhage, occupation: Winkelier
Married 27 MEI 1818 `s-Gravenhage to:
Hester van Praag, birth CA 1792 `s-Gravenhage, died 22 Jul 1832 `s-Gravenhage, daughter of Nathan Jacob van Praag and Duyfje Joseph Cohen
4) Leentje Davidson, birth CA 1796 `s-Gravenhage
Married 2 Apr 1828 `s-Gravenhage to:
Johannes Cornelis Filippus Veldhorst, birth CA 1800 `s-Gravenhage, son of Christiaan Veldhorst and Cornelia Philippina Reijnders
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