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Emanuel Mendel, died Rotterdam to:
Louise Abrahams, died Lissa ( Pl )
1) Rosetta ( e ) Resjke Mindels Mendels, birth 16 Jun 1747 Lissa ( Pl ), died 22 OKT 1825 Rotterdam
bij overlijden;78 jaar 4 mnd en 6 dgn Resjke Mindels
Levi Arie Leib Heymans Breslauer PNEI-ARIE, alias: Raw Leib Heiman Breslauer, birth 1741 Breslau, died 21 Apr 1809 Rotterdam, buried Rotterdam, occupation: Rabijn Rotterdam, son of Heiman Chaim Loewenstamm Breslauer and wife
Afstammeling van de "Ramo" ( Raw Mosje Isserlis).
In the Responsa "Pnei Arie" , Raw Leib Heiman Breslauer himself quotes in the first Siman the RAMO and adds Rabeinu and Zekeneinu ( our rabbi and grandfather ). ( last line in the first column ). His son Rabbi Avraham calls in "Kodesh Hiluliem" th e Ramo the Rosh HaYouchseinu ( the head of our Yiches ). Mr Jacobi from Jerusalem believed that de Pnei Arie also descended from Raw Shaul Loewenstamm ( died 1707 in Glogen )( could be true ), but I never found besides him any proof of this link.I n the Judische Lexicon is Abraham Ben Arie Leib a " Nachkomme des Amsterdamer Rabbiners Arje Loeb ben Saul". This is for sure not true.
That the widow of the Pnei Arie on her sole initiative the name Loewenstamm choose, seems to me unlikely.Already in 1812 in the "Derech Chaim " by Chaim ben Arie Leib, printed in 1812 in Dessau, uses the author, an other son of the Pnei Arie, Rab i Mordechai ( born Breslau ? probably Rotterdam ca 1783, died Rotterdam 1848 ) from K. K. ( Kehila Kedusha - holy congregation ) Breslau the family name Loewenstamm in his recomandation for the "Derech Chaim", written by his brother. His mother ga ve in 1811 in Rotterdam, during the French-Napoliontic regime in Holland the name Loewenstamm as family-name. Rabbi Mordechai ( Marcus ) Loewenstamm was living in Breslau and uses the same name in a Sefer, that was printed in 1812 (but written bef ore 1812 ) !
In " Een beroemde Opperrabbijn van Rotterdam en zijn geleerde telgen" mentioned S.M. Slagter that the Pnei Arie an descendent is of "Raw Moushee Isserlis, den RAMO" based upon the same quotation in his Responsa.
Sforiem written by his sons: Shirei Habechina by Rabbi Mordechai ( Marcus ) Loewenstamm ( Breslau 1832 ), Kodesh Hiluliem by Rabbi Abraham Mozes ( Amsterdam printed by Proops )and Derech Chaim by Rabbi Chaim ( Joachim )( Dessau 1812 ).
2) Raw S ben Mendel MiLissa
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