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Raw Shmuel Shapiro, occupation: ABD Heilbronn and Landau, son of Ben Shlomo Spira and N.N. to:
Miriam Treves, daughter of R` Jochanan Treves and N.N.
1) Shlomo Shapiro of Heilbron, birth VR 1320
In the Landau Residence Privilege of 1427, which she obtained for her son and his wife and children, her name is clearly stated to have been Vergentlin, and not, as frequently assumed, Miriam. Vergentlin is the vernacular equivalent for the Hebre w name Chana.

[Dr. Jacobi, "The Historicity of the RaSHI Descent", Avotaynu Vol VI No1 p25]
bat Manasse de Vessoul, birth 1325, died 1387, daughter of Manasse de Versoul and N.N.
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