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Meir Lichtstein
Descendant of Yitschak Chaiot Lichtstein
1) Breindl Lichtstein to:
R' Chaim Yosef Gottlieb, A.B.D. Stropkov, birth 1794, died 11 MRT 1867 Stropkov, Slovakia, son of Yehuda Aryeh Gottlieb and Beila
Chaim Yosef Gottlieb of Stropkov, (1794 - March 11, 1867) (Hebrew: ūcÔeÔeÔi ÔeÛaõnÔo ÒaŠaŠeŠiÔeÔa), known as the Stropkover Rov, was a student of Rabbi Moshe Schreiber and author of Tiv Gittin ve-Kiddushin, published by his sons in Ungvar in 1868.

Upon completing his studies in 1823, he was appointed Dayan and teacher in the town of his birth, Tertzal,Hungary, where he studied with his brother-in-law Rabbi Mordechai Ciment, and wrote extensively about Jewish law and Kabbalah. He became th e Chief Rabbi and head of the Bet Din of Stropkov in 1847 at the recommendation of Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz. Chaim Yosef died on Monday, 4 Adar I, 5627 / 11 March 1867 and is buried in the Tisinec cemetery.

There is a School in Jerusalem named after him Called Yeshivas Rabbenu Chaim Yosef. They publish a book which lists all the descendants of Reb Chaim Yosef called Sefer Hayachas.
òR' Chairm Yosef Gottlieb of Stropkov Wikipedia
òBetween Galicia and Hungary: the Jews of Stropkov by Melody Amsel

Rabbi Chaim Yosef Gottlieb (1790-1867), the ďStropkover Ravö, became Stropkov&Aelig;s chief rabbi and head of its Rabbinical Court on the recommendation of Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz, who claimed the appointment was by heavenly decree. Even tod ay, his descendants and followers name children in his honor. Even today, his descendants gather at his grave at the Tisinec cemetery on the anniversary of his death. Source

Rabbi Chaim Yosef Gottlieb, The Rabbi of Tertsal, the great gaon and tsaddik, of sainted memory was born in 1790. He was the son of Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh, of blessed memory. His lineage dates back to the famous rabbinic genius of the century Rabb i Yoel Gottlieb, of sainted memory, Chief Justice of the Rabbinical of Galante.

From his mother's side his lineage originates from the stock of the holy Shal-Ha of Sainted memory. He was raised in the town of Krole. His father was well endowed and quite wealthy and like all other wealthy children he attended high school (gy mnasium). He had private teachers who taught him Hebraic as well as secular studies. It so happened that as a young man he became very ill (Lo Aleichem) it shouldn't happen to any of you, that his life was in danger. He vowed to his maker tha t if he recovers he will devote his life to the study of Torah. A miracle happened and he got well.

He never returned to his secular studies, but started again with his Jewish studies with great fervor. He was tutored by the finest teachers available and all admired his clear thinking ability. His name became known among the scholars and saint s. He became a favored friend of the Rav of Pressburg, the Baal Chassam Sofer, of sainted memory, the Tsanzer Rebbe, the Baal Divrei Chaim, of sainted memory, and also of the Tsaddik Rabbi Mendele Rimonover of sainted memory. There were also oth er Tsaddikim of his generation who respected him and in whose eyes he found great favor.

When the Rabbi Chaim Yosef Gottlieb came to Stropkov the Jews knew well whom they have as a rabbi. They respected and honored him greatly. He was incidentally an elegant and imposing personality whom you could not help but admire.

He pleased all classes of Jews, both the Chassid element as well as other congregants of the synagogue.Though they followed the Ashkenazic form of worship everyone enjoyed listening to his spiritual sermons and lectures. All during the many year s that he was the rabbi of Stropkov and many years afterwards as well, people would relate stories about his warmth, kindness and good deeds.

As you can see many rabbis were good friends of his and whenever he would travel to visit them they showed him much respect. The Tsanzer Rebbe, of sainted memory, once came to visit him and he was overwhelmed by his vast library. He asked him , "Tell me Stropkover Rav, with so much poverty here how could you allow yourself the luxury of such an extensive library?" The rabbi answered, "You see, whenever an itinerant scholar comes to see me regarding financial assistance, I always bu y one of his books with my own money."

In the year of 1867 on Friday prior to the Sabbath of the Blessing of the month of Adar, the Rabbi of Stropkov accompanied by three of his sons visited the town of Tsanz.He went to meet the famous Divrei Chaim of sainted memory.The rabbi asked hi m to be seated opposite him. Both of them started to smoke, one his pipe and the other a cigar. They sat and talked for about two hours. When the Tsaddik of Tsanz got up, stretching out his hand saying, "A Guten Shabbes, Rabbi of Stropkov", Rab bi Chaim Yosef answered him,"A Guten Shabbes Tsanzer Rebbe", and in such a manner the two tsadikkim parted.

After Shabbes he returned home quite pleased, saying to his sons, "At no time have I had such a pleasant conversation with the Tsanzer Rebbe as I did this time." After the rabbi's return home, he took sick and on the Holy Sabbath,the fourth da y in the month of Adar, 1867 the beloved Rabbi Chaim Yosef Gottlieb, the Stropkover Rav, of sainted memory, passed away.

The funeral was attended by Jews from Hungary and Austria and all of the Jews from Stropkov were at the cemetery in Tisenitz and mourned the passing of their beloved Rav of sainted memory.

Rabbi Chaim Yosef was survived by five sons and a daughter. Their names were-:
1.Reb Efraim, of blessed memory,
2.Reb Menashe of blessed memory,
3.Reb Naftali of blessed memory,
4.Reb Yisroel Menachem, of blessed memory and
5.Reb Asher, of blessed memory, and one daughter
6.Miriam Gittel of blessed memory.

They were all talented and great scholars. They conducted themselves in fine Chassidic tradition. The younger three married in Hungary at Galicia and the two oldest married and lived in Stropkov.

Reb Efraim had two sons, Reb Getzil and Reb Leibish. Reb Getzil was a fine upright person and had a nice family, three sons and one daughter. He also had a fine income. He was the owner of a factory that manufactured carbonated water (soda), th e only one in town. But his brother Leibish had a rough time supporting his family. He was a lovely person and a fine scholar.

The Rav's daughter Miriam Gittel was married in Ziben Burgen. Her husband was an erudite scholar and excellent teacher.

The Rabbi's son Reb Menashe lived in Stropkov. He had a son named Reb Hersh Gottlieb. He was a neighbor of my grandfather Reb Yehudah Weinstein. Reb Hersh was a respected personality with a rabbinic appearance. The neighbors would conduct serv ices in his home every Friday night, Shabbes afternoon, Shalosh Seudes and at night MelaveMalke.

Reb Hersh Gottlieb, as far as I know had two beautiful and talented daughters. The oldest was married during Reb Hersh's lifetime. He passed away shortly afterwards and left an unmarried younger daughter by the name of Ruchame.

My grandfather, Reb Yehudah Weinstein, of blessed memory, having been a devoted friend of Reb Hersh Gottlieb would always consult him before doing anything, likewise remained devoted to the widow, the sainted Malke Gottlieb. She also consulted hi m whenever the need arose and he would go out of his way to help her.

Sometime later when Reb Zalmon Yosef, the father-in-law of the Dayan (rabbinical judge) became a widower, a shidduch (match) was arranged and they were married. They were quite happy together and Reb Zalman Yosef became one of my grandfather's go od friends. The minyan of neighbors who used to gather at the home of Reb Hersh Gottlieb now met at mygrandfather's house.

(For more details about the life of Reb Chaim Yosef Gottlieb, of sainted memory, please refer to the book entitled, Toldos_Ish_Ha_Yod, written by Rabbi Avraham Meir Izrael, may he have a long and good life. Source

Read: "Toldos Ish Ha Yod", by Rabbi Avraham Meir Izrae
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