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Yiroel Yechiel Rappoport, son of Aryeh Leib Rappoport and N.N. to:
Sara Ester
1) R` Avraham Shrentzel Rappoport, birth 6 Dec 1584 Lemberg, died 7 Jun 1651
Polish Talmudist; born at Lemberg in 1584; died in 1651 (June 7); son of R. Israel Jelriel Rapoport of Cracow and son-in-law of R. Mordecai Schrenzel of Lemberg. Rapoport was a pupil of R. Joshua Falk ha-Kohen. For forty-five years he was at th e head of a large yeshibah at Lemberg. Being very wealthy, he had no need of seeking a rabbinical position; and he was able, therefore, to expend large sums in behalf of the pupils of his academy. He was president of the Council of Four Lands, an d was administrator of the money collected for the poor in the Holy Land. Rapoport's "Etan ha-Ezra?i" (printed at Ostrau, 1796) is divided into two parts. Part i. contains responsa and decisions; part ii., called "?on?res Aharon," contains sermon s on the weekly sections of the Pentateuch. He is said to have written a number of works which have been lost.
Rachel Schrentzel, daughter of Mordechai Schrentzel and Rivka Bath Josef Katz
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