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Raw Chaim Yehuda Leib Auerbach, birth 1886, died 26 Sep 1954, son of Avraham Dov Auerbach and Rachel Barg
Chaim Yehuda Leib Auerbach (1883 û 26 September 1954) was a Haredi rabbi and roshei yeshiva of Shaar Hashamayim Yeshiva, a landmark Jerusalem institution specializing in Talmudic and kabbalah studies for Ashkenazi scholars that he helped foun d in 1906. The yeshiva still exists today. Known for his great love and personal sacrifice for Torah and Torah scholars, Auerbach raised sons who also became great scholars ù including his eldest son, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, a preeminent pos ek of the mid- to late-twentieth century.
Tzivia Porush
1) Raw Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, birth 30 Jul 1910 Jerusalem, died 19 Feb 1995 Jerusalem to:
Chaia Rivka Ruchamkin, birth 8 Dec 1912, died 17 Dec 1983, daughter of Aryeh Leib Ruchamkin and Sarah
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