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Haraw Aharon Luria, alias: Samson Luria, birth 1400, died 1478 Heilbron, occupation: AvBethDin Heilbron,Landau & Elzas, son of HaRaw Natanel Luria and nn
leefde ook in Wurzburg overleden volgens Rottenberg 1456
Meriam Spira, birth CA 1403, died CA 1450 Worms, daughter of R` Shlomo Bar Smuel Shapira and Vergentlin Hanna Treves
1) HaRaw Jichiel Luria, birth 1430, died 1470, occupation: rabbi of Brisk
Arrived in 1490 in Poland; one of first Raboniem in Brisk.
Malka Lifshitz, daughter of Eliezer Yosinot Lifshitz and Dreizel Shrentzel
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