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David Henriques Pimentel, birth 1798, died 1846, son of Joseph Henriques Pimentel and Mirjam Espinoza to:
Betje Abigael Vos, birth 15 MEI 1806 Amsterdam, died 5 Jan 1861 Amsterdam, daughter of Joseph \ Jozlen Salomon \ Zalman Vos and Sara Salomon \ Zalman van Beetz
1) Moses David Henriques Pimentel, birth 12 MEI 1834 Amsterdam, died 11 MRT 1890 Amsterdam to:
Johanna van Emden, birth 10 MRT 1854 Kampen, died 19 MEI 1916 Amsterdam 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Abraham Hendrik van Embden and Naatje Beijs Slager
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